Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yep! Six more weeks of winter - for sure

How do I know you may ask?

It's simple.  I was out in the yard yesterday, cutting down the dead Fountain Grass that stood along side of the house.  The sun came out and I saw my shadow. 

What's more, I worked up a little sweat.  That was more important than forecasting the weather.

You see ... Sweat coming out of my pores is more rare than hen's teeth.  Whenever it happens I instantly stop what I'm doing, rush inside and scrape off what I can of it, placing it in an empty medicine container for use later.  USE!  What use you ask?  I am led to believe that it will cure everything, even up to and including Cancer.

I was told, over and over, throughout my formative years, by my dear old Dad that sweat was so rare on me that surely it would cure cancer, and I believed him.  Would you like to try some?  Let me know.


  1. My dad always told me I had an ass made of lead, because I was always sitting down. I think our fathers would have gotten along spendedly.

  2. My dear old dad was also in the habit of telling me that I wasn't worth the powder and lead to blow my brains out. I suspect he got that one from his Dad. I knew him. It sounds like something he would have said to Dad when he was a young man. Seems we are always trying to surpass the opinions of our fathers in life. I wonder if deep inside, they knew the affect their comments would have on our later years.


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