Monday, March 22, 2010

Clean Bill of Health?

I’ve heard the old saying “The proposed project got a clean bill of health from the board of directors” etc.

I believed I knew what was meant when anyone used that particular phrase.
Today I am wondering if the Health Care Reform Bill” that Congress passed with three votes to spare on Sunday isn’t just a little bit “dirty.”

I heard it said this morning that so many lobbyists worked on the behalf of a number of entities that had a dog in the fight, that along the way toward yesterday’s results, each Congress/person was visited by at least eight different Lobbyists who were applying pressure attempting to get them to vote FOR the bill. That comment needs some clarification, for it makes no sense to me for a lobbyist to spend a lot of time trying to persuade any Congress/person whom was already known to be backing said bill. Perhaps that means that in reality every Congress/person NOT known to be backing said bill already received more than eight visits each.

What ever happened to the promise that lobbyists visits to our Congress/persons would be limited?  I wonder what the actual “Limit” was set at?

Well! The horses are out of the barn now. I hope they don’t stray too far afield and become difficult to round up. OH! That’s right … those are not really horses.

Also, I doubt that the fact this bill was voted on and passed on A SUNDAY was ever close to being a coincidence.  What it was is devoted worshipers of Lord Obama paying homage to him and his commandments.  All the rest may be stricken with leprosy. 

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