Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuming and stewing - again

I can only assume, because I feel like this also happened to me personally, whenever I hear about such an injustice, I am instantly beside myself and the two of us look at one another and only get more and more upset and stew all the more.

I was watching Fox and Friends with Maureen this morning when THIS STORY WAS REPORTED. I couldn't see the TV screen after that because the curtain of steam that was rising before my eyes blocked my view. This kind of stuff is pure evil.

Thirty-five years on the job. Not one negative entry in her personnel file, and this top paid nurse was discharged because she failed to come in to work on one of the worse days of the recent storms which has plagued the New York area.

Read the story by using the link above and judge for yourself if this action is FAIR.

What's up! In my opinion, the hospital management saw an opportunity to cull the higher paid staff and cut a few head out of the herd for slaughter, thereby reducing their bottom line. As the story goes, some 250 employees failed to come in on the same day this one long-time staffer didn't show-up for work. So, why was she and a small group of other staff members led to the chopping block and made an example of?

I'm done now. Hope you will read about it and commiserate with me on the matter.
Something needs to be done about this and I suspect that it might ... but in the mean time, what are those few supposed to do?

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