Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspired, blood surging, mind going a mile a minute and my body thinks it’s a good thing.

Today was one of my favorite kind of days. It was one of those days we wait for all winter long. Mild temps and occasional periods of sunshine.  I believe the weather people call it “partly cloudy.” 
On days like this, something comes over me and I have this urge to get the tasks on my early spring To-Do List done.  After getting Maureen to the bus-stop before six this morning and returning home, the rest of the day was all mine to do with as I saw fit.
I got out the two planting trays I recently purchased and sterilized them using a diluted bleach solution and rinsing them thoroughly. I filled all the compartments with special seed starting mix and wetted that down using a “MIST” setting on the hose nozzle. I allowed them to sit for a time, then rewet them and waited some more. Taking them into the garage, I sat them on the work bench and started planting seeds. The Bell Peppers were first. I had more than enough seeds to plants one half of one of the trays. I used one tiny compartment for planting a Pear seed I saved from a very special Pear I enjoyed last fall. The rest of the trays was planted with the Giant Tree Tomato seeds I so carefully saved from my first test planting last year.
I had clear, plastic covers for the trays, so I placed one on top of the other and sat both behind the door that connects the garage to the kitchen.  All those seeds need right now is warmth and moisture.
After that, I tore into the garage, trying to clean up and organize the over-winter clutter and mess in general. I DID achieve some major progress. Believe me, it’s not done yet. I still must get the women involved in the decision process concerning what to get rid of and what MUST stay for them to be happy. It has been a long time since I been able to see that much of my workbench at one time.
I had this little job I swore I would get done ASAP. That was to drive down to Dryridge, Ky to deliver that box of “Cow” themed ceramic figurines to my sister, Julie, who is the collector of such items in our family. Also, I thought I would stop by the little nursery where I had purchased the trays for planting my seeds and drop off the Giant Tree Tomato seeds I had left over. I accomplished both goals.  It’s a longer drive than I remembered and I missed a couple of the turns I needed to make and had to back-track to get back on the correct course. The guy at the nursery seemed glad to get the seeds. He said they were very healthy looking and showed much promise for germination. I told him I would stop by and talk about his results with them.
Upon my return home, I got a bite to eat and went back to work in the garage. I managed to return the snow throwing machine back to the small attic storage space above the garage, along with Maureen’s and my own golf bags.  I suppose that makes them officially “retired” too, just like myself.
Later, I brought out the patio table and chairs, then I tackled putting back the sliding, screen door for the patio door.  I’ll confess, that little job was kicking my butt for a while. Nothing was working the way it should. I got myself into a real job when I decided to exchange the top roller mechanisms for the bottom ones, believing that might be why the door was so difficult to slide. That seemed to help a lot but it’s still not like when it was new. I hate to think about what the real problem with it might be. Those carpenter ants could be undermining the wood support under the door sill, allowing it to sink somewhat. When the door guy first installed that door, he mentioned that I had some ants working the wood in that area. I’ve treated the who area with some very potent poison which I thought had solved the problem. Last year I noticed a “swarm” of ants emerging from a crack alongside the vinyl frame for that door. Could prove to be the harbinger of a disaster heading my way. Lord! I hope not.
I was simply worn-out by the time I went to pick Maureen up at the bus stop. I messed around out there for a while before dinner was ready. I didn’t accomplish a whole lot more before I called it quits for the day. I pulled the car back into the garage and locked up. There’s always tomorrow.

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