Friday, April 30, 2010

A totally complete building project


The last time I checked, I had lost six pounds. For me that’s unbelievable. I chalked it up to all those days I didn’t stop for lunch or hardly anything else. I did well just to drag myself in the house in the evening to lay down until I recuperated enough energy to clean my nasty body up, get something to eat and retire for the day around eight-thirty.

It’s a good kind of weary. I earned the right to be tired.

It took me three days to finish the paint job. First day I put on the primer.  Second day I did the top coat and the third day I did the trim and install all the door hardware.  The hardware took longer than I supposed it might. Just looking at the above image you may ask “WHY?”  There’s more than a simple hasp involved. I had that on before I applied the primer. I’ve removed it twice during the paint job. There are three (3) slide bolt type fastening devices also.  Two at the top of each door to hold it open in the wind and one at the bottom of the outermost door to hold it against a solid internal stop-block due to some warping of the materials.  As Kevin says … “It’s wood man … what do you expect?”

Now I can focus on improvements to the inside. I’ll install some shelves and pegboard segments but the big job is going to be mounting two extremely large and heavy used doors as work tables that fold upward and are stored out of the way when not in use. That was Kevin’s idea and I concurred. It was great to see all our combined ideas come to fruition. There you go Kevin! I managed to use both those new words in this paragraph.

I’ll add three more snapshots of the shed below here and call it an entry for today.




Friday, April 16, 2010

It is what it is and it is mostly wood

Last Monday, Kevin, my nephew and I began the construction of my new storage shed out in the back yard. The building permit describes it as an 8 X 12 X 9 out building.

It has been four days since then and it is raining today.  A day of rest for the weary. There was much fretting, planning and discussion as we began and it didn't let up a whole lot after that. We still confuse one another as we proceed.

A whole lot of sweat and physical labor filled the days between then and this picture of the shed on the 4th day.

The ladies of the house did everything they could for us as we worked. We were fed breakfast and lunch most days and on one day we even had dinner with my daughters after their day on the job.

Now comes the difficult stuff ... the detailed finish work we have planned. This shed will have soffits to permit the structure to breath without allowing access by most insects and other unwanted creatures. It will also have trim boards with contrasting color ... supposedly the same color scheme as our home. We will see about that one!

Kevin and I are proud of all that has been accomplished thus far. Giving credit where credit is due, Kevin has done the Lion's share of the work. My contribution is akin to sweat equity, limited by my age and agility.  I think I have been a lot of help to him.

There is a sequence of photos taken at the end of each day's work. They may be viewed by clicking on this active link to my web albums.  We simply are not sure what we are going to do about the type of door we want.  Kevin suggested one that slides like some of the old barn doors we've seen. It's either that or changing from the special concrete siding (which is much too heavy to be used in hinged doors) and backing some look alike wood siding with half inch plywood and a 2 X 4 frame behind that which can be hinged.

I'll try to remember to post a picture or two of the finished product. I really believe that Kevin will receive many contracts from others after they stop by and see his handiwork. Kevin has way too many skills for any one man.  To me he's not old enough to have had that much experience in all the fields he's so good in. How does he do it?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Too many Masters

Look! Playing the Masters traditional golf course is not that easy.
And yet ... yesterday, a number of regular tour players seemed to disagree with that statement.  All kinds of records must have been broken but I am not privy to such stats or I would list them here.

Why am I not surprised by the reception Tiger Woods received on his return to the tour after a five month absence?  What I am surprised at is how well Tiger played. I saw no evidence of "rust."  Then again ... he was not the only one who played beyond "the norm" for the record book.

I watched the telecast ... the whole thing, from three o'clock to the end.

The course at Agusta, Georgia is the most beautifully scenic spot on earth in my opinion. That aspect of the television broadcast simply makes the normally dull and boring sport bearable. My! but I'd love to go there and see it in person but I know even as I write that ... it just isn't going to happen.

My sister-in-law and I both play Fantasy Golf on the Internet. She is kicking my backside at the moment.  I doubt either of us is about to win any prizes doing it; not after seeing how high some people are scoring.

There are three more days of The Masters remaining.  The Lord willing, I will be right there in front of my TV during every minute.  I just love The Masters.

A public service announcement

If you are contemplating a move to San Antonio, Texas anytime in the future, here's one of the things you are going to need when you get there ... A Good Mechanic.  So, please give this man a call or pay him a visit: at this website.

Tell him Gordon sent you.  He will know who that is.  Thanks!