Friday, April 16, 2010

It is what it is and it is mostly wood

Last Monday, Kevin, my nephew and I began the construction of my new storage shed out in the back yard. The building permit describes it as an 8 X 12 X 9 out building.

It has been four days since then and it is raining today.  A day of rest for the weary. There was much fretting, planning and discussion as we began and it didn't let up a whole lot after that. We still confuse one another as we proceed.

A whole lot of sweat and physical labor filled the days between then and this picture of the shed on the 4th day.

The ladies of the house did everything they could for us as we worked. We were fed breakfast and lunch most days and on one day we even had dinner with my daughters after their day on the job.

Now comes the difficult stuff ... the detailed finish work we have planned. This shed will have soffits to permit the structure to breath without allowing access by most insects and other unwanted creatures. It will also have trim boards with contrasting color ... supposedly the same color scheme as our home. We will see about that one!

Kevin and I are proud of all that has been accomplished thus far. Giving credit where credit is due, Kevin has done the Lion's share of the work. My contribution is akin to sweat equity, limited by my age and agility.  I think I have been a lot of help to him.

There is a sequence of photos taken at the end of each day's work. They may be viewed by clicking on this active link to my web albums.  We simply are not sure what we are going to do about the type of door we want.  Kevin suggested one that slides like some of the old barn doors we've seen. It's either that or changing from the special concrete siding (which is much too heavy to be used in hinged doors) and backing some look alike wood siding with half inch plywood and a 2 X 4 frame behind that which can be hinged.

I'll try to remember to post a picture or two of the finished product. I really believe that Kevin will receive many contracts from others after they stop by and see his handiwork. Kevin has way too many skills for any one man.  To me he's not old enough to have had that much experience in all the fields he's so good in. How does he do it?

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