Friday, April 9, 2010

Too many Masters

Look! Playing the Masters traditional golf course is not that easy.
And yet ... yesterday, a number of regular tour players seemed to disagree with that statement.  All kinds of records must have been broken but I am not privy to such stats or I would list them here.

Why am I not surprised by the reception Tiger Woods received on his return to the tour after a five month absence?  What I am surprised at is how well Tiger played. I saw no evidence of "rust."  Then again ... he was not the only one who played beyond "the norm" for the record book.

I watched the telecast ... the whole thing, from three o'clock to the end.

The course at Agusta, Georgia is the most beautifully scenic spot on earth in my opinion. That aspect of the television broadcast simply makes the normally dull and boring sport bearable. My! but I'd love to go there and see it in person but I know even as I write that ... it just isn't going to happen.

My sister-in-law and I both play Fantasy Golf on the Internet. She is kicking my backside at the moment.  I doubt either of us is about to win any prizes doing it; not after seeing how high some people are scoring.

There are three more days of The Masters remaining.  The Lord willing, I will be right there in front of my TV during every minute.  I just love The Masters.

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