Friday, April 30, 2010

A totally complete building project


The last time I checked, I had lost six pounds. For me that’s unbelievable. I chalked it up to all those days I didn’t stop for lunch or hardly anything else. I did well just to drag myself in the house in the evening to lay down until I recuperated enough energy to clean my nasty body up, get something to eat and retire for the day around eight-thirty.

It’s a good kind of weary. I earned the right to be tired.

It took me three days to finish the paint job. First day I put on the primer.  Second day I did the top coat and the third day I did the trim and install all the door hardware.  The hardware took longer than I supposed it might. Just looking at the above image you may ask “WHY?”  There’s more than a simple hasp involved. I had that on before I applied the primer. I’ve removed it twice during the paint job. There are three (3) slide bolt type fastening devices also.  Two at the top of each door to hold it open in the wind and one at the bottom of the outermost door to hold it against a solid internal stop-block due to some warping of the materials.  As Kevin says … “It’s wood man … what do you expect?”

Now I can focus on improvements to the inside. I’ll install some shelves and pegboard segments but the big job is going to be mounting two extremely large and heavy used doors as work tables that fold upward and are stored out of the way when not in use. That was Kevin’s idea and I concurred. It was great to see all our combined ideas come to fruition. There you go Kevin! I managed to use both those new words in this paragraph.

I’ll add three more snapshots of the shed below here and call it an entry for today.




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