Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A place called “Cookies”


This is Cookie’s Diner as viewed from the parking lot entrance.  I took this picture today while having breakfast there.  I know … the parking lot does not look very full. That’s very unusual for any weekday morning. No one was more surprised than myself to witness it.

If you live near northern Kentucky, or may be visiting the Tri-State area (OKI) anytime soon, if at all possible, stop in at Cookie’s for breakfast or lunch. The diner does not do dinner. Cookies rolls up the blacktop around one-thirty in the afternoon.  She starts early; exact time undetermined. Somewhere around five or six o’clock I think.

The diner is located near the intersection of Mt. Zion Road and State Route 25 in Kenton, County Kentucky. Get off the Mt. Zion Road exit if you are on Interstate I-75 going north or south. If south, turn left from the off ramp and vise-versa if you are heading north toward Cincinnati, Ohio. When you get to SR 25 make a left and Cookie’s will be a few hundred feet there on the left side. When she’s busy, parking space is at a premium. She is working on making more parking space. The little place can be humming when the rush is on.

Judging by my experience this morning, Tuesday morning between seven-thirty and eight o’clock is a good time to drop by.

The food is great, the prices are right, best that can be found around here in my opinion, and the service is fast and friendly. The menu is flexible. What I mean by that is, if you don’t see what you want, ask Cookie about it. She can create many great dishes if it’s nothing exotic. Simple food, prepared and served extraordinarily. You will be satisfied when you pay the check. Take my word for it. Trust me!

Here’s a picture of Cookie herself:


That’s my tea she’s serving. See that smile? I told you!

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