Saturday, July 3, 2010

The perfect post for our country’s Birthday celebration

July 4th, 2010
Original composition written in Sept, 1994

Today, my periods of relaxation have been occupied with thoughts about our country, its' involvement in Haiti, the subsiding circumstances which move us away from the cold war, Bosnia, Somalia, Cuba, the masses of refugees we hold in internment camps, and just about any topic which has made headlines in the media. It seems most of the third world countries and a good portion of developed countries look to us for help of one kind or another.
This morning, I heard a young soldier on duty in Haiti, state that he did not like the ideal of being the world's police force and I found myself silently agreeing with his opinion. How can we hope to police the rest of the world when our own society is in such a mess? I can't help but think of our founding fathers at a time such as this. I read some of the words they wrote as they proclaimed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and know an inner surge of patriotism which swells my spirit to heart bursting limits. What vision those dedicated men had, how unselfish were their motives. I can't help but wonder; what would they have to say about our country as it is today?
Those men gave all to lay down a foundation upon which this country could be built. The cornerstone of that foundation was GOD. They dug deep into their own souls to ensure that its foundation was built upon the solid bedrock of His established truths, His Statutes, His Commandments, and His Love.
That foundation is still there, massive and strong as ever. It is embedded deeply into this sacred ground we call home, but the structure which rests upon it does not resemble the structure those great men saw in their visions. The debris of the original structure lays scattered about or heaped in a great pile, like so much unwanted refuse. It was replaced with something "Better", "Bigger", "More Modern". Those who depend upon that original foundation for support are not even aware of its boundaries, its limitations. The government, which rests upon it today, is too big; so big that is has become unstable, like a pyramid built up side down, balanced on its point, braced by inflated dollars and nuclear might.
If the citizens of this great country could only bring themselves to pause for a short time, in the midst of their hustle and bustle, clear away the debris and clutter which is all around them, and look at the foundation upon which their country was built, they would see that the present form of their government does not fit that foundation. It has grown beyond the perimeter, expanded too far, hastily erected and shaky at best.
Our country's original foundation was never meant to be that flexible. It will not conform to the schemes and desires of ungodly leaders. Its cornerstone is, and always has been GOD. Its main supporting columns are freedom, liberty, loyalty, and patriotism. There have been many attempts to undermine and weaken it, but it still bears up under the weight. The soil around it has been drenched with the blood of its fighting men and piled high with the carcasses of millions of unborn children, and somehow, it still holds up.
Some men have tried to infiltrate it central core, its heart, and gnaw away at its substance, but God's grace fills in the cavity they have eaten away, leaving it stronger than before.
There is no security beyond the limits of ones foundation. We must stay centered within its boundaries and build upward, toward Heaven. There are no vertical limits so long as we look up to GOD.
Clarence Bowles

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