Thursday, July 15, 2010

These way too smart phones

Today, the State of Kentucky will begin to enforce a ban on using telephones while driving. I believe they will focus on anyone "texting" while driving first.  After that, my own wish is that they continue on to ban the presence of a cell phone within reach of any driver. I wish that because I know how weak willed most people are when it comes to cell phones. If it rings while they are behind the wheel, they will do everything in their power to find out whom is calling them.

I was shocked to hear the statistics associated with "distracted driving" in our state. All those deaths and injuries ... and for what?  A senseless text message that doesn't matter one iota in the day to day life of anyone ... not really.

While I was thinking about cell phones, I was also amazed at the advancement of the technology.  What are they going to come up with next?  Considering all that is available to aid one with making phone calls while driving, I find it hard to understand why anyone has the need to do all that texting while driving.

I have a cell phone.  Isn't that a shocking confession?  It is in the center console of my car.  It's there for emergencies only.  I never have it on.  That way, no one can call me and even tempt me to answer it. I have however, gotten myself a special "jack" that I can plug into my phone and use it hands-free if I want to.  Maureen uses it now and then when we are in the car together and she's a passenger at the time.  Both of our phones have voice recognition.  I checked the feature out yesterday while my car was parked in our driveway.  I only have to say "Call so and so" and the phone will dial the number and I can hear the person I'm calling through my car's radio speakers. During the test, I happened to think about a person I might try to contact.  In my mind was the fact that he is such an asshole, I don't know why I have anything at all to do with him. So, with that thought on my mind, when I attempted to speak the command to my phone, I inadvertently said "Call The Asshole!"  Don't you know that my way too smart phone tried to call five people at the same time.  It really is amazing.

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