Friday, August 20, 2010

Me and Brer Rabbit

I don’t know what’s going on around here lately. I’ve had two run-ins with wild Rabbits within three days.

In this latest one, Maureen had walked out through the garage with our daughter to see her off, heading for her own home.  It’s a tradition.  Simply MUST be done that way.  Suddenly Maureen rushed into the kitchen, telling me that I need to come out into the garage and see if I could find whatever it was that came into the garage. He knew something was there.  She didn’t see it … she heard it clattering around in the things I had stored under the work bench.  Both of us searched cautiously, poking a broom into this corner and that dark hole way back under the bench.  We didn’t see or hear anything unusual while doing so.  I believe I talked Maureen into believing it was only her imagination.

Funny, how something like that never quite leaves your mind.  It always there, hovering in the background. One time I went out to the garage and noticed that the traction mat I had placed on the floor for Jenny to land on as she jumped down from the car was askew. It looked like something had been on it and got frightened by something and had spun it’s wheels a bit, causing the mat to hump up in three places due to the force being applied to fleeing limbs.  I straightened it back up before going inside.  The next time I came out, I noticed two or three small, round object scattered about on that same mat.  I thought at the time that they looked a lot like Rabbit poop.

The next morning was uneventful. Then, that afternoon I opened the garage door and sitting there, looking me right in the eyes was a small Rabbit.  It dashed under the car.  I called Maureen to tell her that she was right. There was something in the garage that shouldn’t be there. I told her it was a small Rabbit and she should come out and she if we two could chase it back out the open garage door. 

I knelt down and peered under the car. There it was, all huddled up against the right, front tire.  I picked up the closest thing to me that I could reach under the car with. Maureen picked up a broom.  Together we thrust our scary objects under the car and saw something moving toward the open door.  I hurried outside, just in time to see it stop near our neighbor’s driveway. It chewed off some weed leaves then bound away, out of sight.  Of course it was hungry and thirsty too I’d bet. There’s very little for a Rabbit to eat or drink in our garage. 

I never imagined that a critter as timid as a wild, young Rabbit would ever dart into a place like a garage. It was young and inexperienced I supposed.  That the only way I could explain it to myself.

OK! That’s enough wild life adventures for anyone.

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