Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I heard someone state recently: “If food means anything to you other than nourishment; you are already in trouble.”

Food has been many things to me throughout my life but I can honestly say I’ve never thought of it as nourishment.

Food is necessary.

Food tastes good (for the most part.)

Food is very satisfying.

Enough food can cancel hunger pangs.

Food is a reward very often.

Your next meal is not promised to you even if you have enough money to purchase it.

There are few things in life as comforting as a full stomach.

Good food is a gift that I like to give to others and it brings me great joy to watch them eat and enjoy it.

If God hadn’t wanted us to enjoy food, He wouldn’t have given us taste buds or appetites and He wouldn’t have made so much of what He made for us, taste so good.

It simply isn’t logical to imply that food is simply nourishment for our bodies. A grazing animal might buy that. Most of them eat grass and other vegetation that doesn’t taste good to me raw or cooked and they don’t know from cooked.

Is that how most human beings see food; as fuel? Not hardly.

Even if someone came up with a means of producing nourishment in a pill or wafer (solent green)and made it so cheap that everyone on earth could afford it and have access to it, basically wiping out hunger in the world, there would still be people like myself that would rather have and would be willing to pay whatever the cost for a nice, thick, tender, juicy steak with a baked potato and a nice, fresh garden salad with ranch dressing.

Some people act as if food is the forbidden fruit. I assure you; it is not.

OK! I was the one who brought God into this. If I'm going to quote Him, I need to include the negative with the positive. He also said we should not be gluttons. Good YES! In excess NO!

The problem is, I may like food so much I have committed sins overindulging. If you could see me in person or a full-length picture, I'm sure you would agree that I have...sinned that is...many times. Color me guilty.
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