Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friends with "Benefits"

Yes! I do watch "The View" from time to time. Being a man in this world, I figure I can use all the insight about women I can acquire.

One episode was interesting because Whoopi Goldberg asked a question of the whole panel, "What do you think about this new trend in relationships known as having friends with benefits?"

You say you are not familiar with the trend, that you don't know how the expression translates in common language? I'm sure you are not alone. I had heard of it before and I did have a tenuous grasp of its definition.

Basically what it means is a certain type of male/female relationship...WAIT!
Am I putting limits on the definition of the practice? I suppose it could be female/female or male/male in today's world and few would consider it weird or strange or outside the limits of social acceptability. Today is seems there are no limits when it comes to sexual relationships.

Friends with benefits is a way of expressing a certain relationship in which two individuals of any gender combination interact with one another in a variety of ways without have any strings attached. In other words, there's no commitment required of either party. NOW that's what I call real friends.

The women on The View arrived at the conclusion that it was a good thing for anyone into that sort of relationship. I figure most men would just eat it up, accept its establishment with great zeal and gusto. Actually, it's what many men have been seeking for eons and simply could not talk any woman into.

There no commitment...absolutely NONE. There's no living together, no obligation felt that requires one to call or visit or write or email or instant message or text message or use any form of modern communications. You simply call or visit when it is convenient for both parties and end up doing whatever is agreeable between the two. You can go out to eat (each pays) or take in a movie or just hang out till one or the other has all they need at the time and then you go on your merry way until the next time the two feel the need to come together again.

Call me a serial skeptic but I need to see such a relationship in action before I can judge if it is actually possible and will grow in participation or acceptance by the masses. As I said before, most men would welcome such an arrangement with open arms. Its the woman's role in such a friendship that I have trouble accepting as do-able. I don't know of any such modern thinking woman yet. I'd like to meet one just to see how it feels to say I know such a person. Talk about equality! Man! That would be it to the maximum.

No gifts or flowers to buy. No obligation to purchase Birthday cards or gifts, no Christmas presents to exchange. No candy, no lingerie, etc. Just two people enjoying the company of and bodies of the other in any way that is agreeable for the moment. You can bump uglies, do the horizontal mambo (add your own sexual innuendo here) and think nothing of it afterward other than both of you were just being "Friendly" in your own special way.

What I'd like to know is where was this kind of thinking when I was a young man? I'd have never made it this far with all that going on in my life.

Sooo...What do you think readers?

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