Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The day our world stood still

Saturday, August 7, 2010 is a day that is seared into my memory. In the early evening I had to call 911 for my wife, Maureen because she was having trouble breathing.

Thank God, they got her to the hospital ER still alive. That fact brought little relief for her family because she still faced a difficult struggle. There were machines and tubes everywhere it seemed and Maureen remembered none of it for she was in some other than a conscious state of mind until sometime Sunday morning.

This coming Saturday will bring us to sixteen weeks since the event. I'm so very glad that she has recovered so well during that time. She will never be her old self and that fact represents GOOD and BAD in her individual and our collective circumstances.

It has been determined that she will NOT require a pacemaker at this time. Her heart appears to have repaired itself somewhat and is now stronger than expected. Her required medications may change in the near future but I'm almost certain that she will be on some kind of maintenance drugs for the rest of her earthly life. It may also be that she will require a pacemaker later on, for science has not yet learned how to alter permanently, the natural control mechanism that determines one's heart rate and Maureen's has been exceptionally fast for most of her life. Her blood pressure and heart rate have both shown a tendency to climb upward as her body grows accustomed to her current meds and her heart continues to gain strength.

For the most part, Maureen's daily routine is returning to what can be classified as "Normal" for her except for checking her blood pressure so often and taking meds three times each day. She already hates the way her condition and the treatments for it have taken over her life. Having diabetes myself, I can only invite her to get in my boat when she complains too often. It's not easy but it's much better than the alternative.

This Thanksgiving Day we will have so much to be thankful for. Our little family group will come together, hold hands while we stand in a small circle and join in a group prayer, led by our called into ministry daughter, who will speak the words that are in all our hearts before we sit down for our little feast. She has amassed a considerable group of prayer warriors during these last sixteen weeks who have joined with her to usher her Mother through this stressful time of testing and healing recovery.

I believe all of our individual faiths have added some spiritual muscle from being exercised so often and for so long a time. We will offer up thanks for that aspect of the experience also. That is not the end of our thankful list. As a side benefit, Maureen has been smoke free ever since that fateful day. She states that she doesn't feel any better for it. I find that difficult to accept for I too gave up cigarettes back in 2004 after a traumatic hospital visit. Funny how all we needed was some incentive to put us on a smokeless path through life.
I am more proud of Maureen for sticking with her determination to stay smoke free than I can possibly say. She deserves a great big ATTA-GIRL and a pat on the back. I'm not sure if she realizes that it's for her own good. I am also reluctant to tell her that from time to time, the desire to light one up returns but the visit will be short if she pauses and thinks about why she decided to quit in the first place.

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers.
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