Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Put these two in the boxing ring and allow them to have at one another.

WOW! I love those football highlights broadcasts.

I didn't have to sit through a whole game and put up with all those commercials they are constantly squeezing in at every opportunity to enjoy this brawl.

There are a few things these men could have done differently but it is what it is when it's broadcast live and we must accept what we see on our large screen TVs.

OK! OK! I'll share it with you this once but from here on out, you will need to get your own.

That Finnegan fellow should have hung onto Johnson's helmet when he ripped it off his head so he could have used it as an equalizer. For certain, Johnson is larger than Finnegan. Johnson also appears to know how to throw a combination of haymakers that are difficult to defend against when your face is in the turf.

NO! These two should not be fined for fighting. It's what experienced, overly aggressive, excited young men who play professional football do. Throw them out of the game for sure but that should be where it ends unless the two men involved want to take it to the parking lot later.

These guys had been going at one another for most of the game and rumor has it that there was already existing bad blood between them. It was bound to happen then! And ... it did.

If I were Johnson, I wouldn't let that little Irishman keep thrusting both hands up under my face mask every time we blocked each other either. It gets old real fast.

Let em play people and fight when it's called for.
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