Monday, January 3, 2011

Have you got a minute? Can we talk?

I hate those news network "hooks;" you know, those short blurbs they throw out there at the beginning of each segment, statements that usually cause one to lay their remote down, sit back and expect to hear The rest of the story. Suddenly it sinks it - - - what they meant was - - - just sit there you stupid sucker; we will share the rest of it much later. All we wanted was for you to stay with us and we knew that unless we used some kind of bait, you surely would move along to something else.

Fox and Friends is turrible (Charles Barkley bit) about it but they are not the only ones to do it.

This morning they started out with "Certain non-documented aliens had their day in court and after the gavel came down, they were informed that they would be deported back to Mexico." Continuing on "Their response to the verdict and sentence was "if I had known that deportation was a possible outcome of my case, I wouldn't have pleaded GUILTY."

Then they added - - - and you know what; it just may get them a new trial.

Instantly, the short hairs on the back of my neck and elsewhere on my body started to tingle, kind of like Spiderman's spidy sense does to him.

What ever happened to "Ignorance of the law is no excuse?"
I've heard that saying most of my life.

Here's what I know for sure - - - should you or I visit another country and do anything that violates one of their laws - - - we would certainly experience the full punishment that their law allows and simply stating "I didn't know about that law or the resulting punishment" wouldn't alter the outcome one iota. In fact, in some certain countries, we would disappear behind some bars and never be heard from again.

I also heard on another station that one of our elected officials wrote up a bill for consideration and a vote to have the use of the phrase "illegal alien" by our nation's news networks, done away with and replaced by UNDOCUMENTED Alien. I experimented with a version of that in a previous paragraph; did you notice? I wrote "non-documented." It didn't feel right to me just typing it when I knew I should have written "illegal alien." That's a lot more accurate word usage.

LOOK! I know and so do you, there is not one living human being on this earth that doesn't know what will happen if they "SNEAK" into any other country, by-passing the offically recognized entry process, that if they are caught later on, one possible outcome is going to be deportation.
That's one of the better possible outcomes. Even the Canadians don't like it when one of us "sneak" into their country and they are on good terms with us. It's too easy to get into Canada using the official method and vice versa.

I don't get it anyway. What takes place at one of our official border crossings with Mexico? Isn't it sort of like the way we deal with Canada? Sure! they check vehicles for illegal substances, but does every person that crosses our southern border need to produce "papers" that permit them to come into this country for a quick visit? My wife and sister-in-laws have crossed into Mexico to shop several times while we were visiting them in California. The process sounded very easy to me. No muss, no fuss. I know for sure that busloads of school children cross our southern border every weekday morning to attend school in the US.

SO ... tell me ... what is it that makes some Mexican citizens feel that it is necessary for them to sneak in or be smuggled into our country? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Either way, if they are in our country for an extended period without registering to be processed the official way, they are and should be classified as illegal aliens, and that's that. If and when it is discovered that their status is "without authorization to be present in our country" how can they possibly believe that they won't be deported back to Mexico after they are found out?

I've heard many people say "Well ... they are working and paying taxes; why shouldn't they be allowed to stay?" I know our tax system is very complicated, BUT ... how does someone who doesn't have a visa or greencard get into our taxing system "LEGALLY?"

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