Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improving your TV News benefits

I know; it doesn’t sound possible and yet, Maureen and I have done it. Well, Maureen mostly but I helped. I was the one that had the idea to give her an I-Pad for Christmas. The palm computer has a slight learning curve. Maureen is a fast learner and it didn’t take her long to get the little beast under control and obeying her slightest touch.

One of the talking heads will introduce a news topic and Maureen is already there, scanning the pages of info, pausing only long enough to share something interesting with me.

What can I say but “She Loves that I-Pad.” I must also say “it is one fascinating piece of technology.” Well Done Microsoft!

The news media gives us some of the news but her I-Pad gives us the rest of the story.

Those apps it offers either FREE or for a small charge only make the I-Pad experience more fun. Open it up, say something silly and wait for the cute cat on the screen to repeat it back to you, only in a different voice. Who knew that an expression like What-sup could cause such laughter?

Maureen is hooked on a certain ball rolling through a maze of holes game. She plays it for hours at times and she’s becoming very skillful at it. I wouldn’t even try it. My hands shake way too much and I get frustrated quickly.

I guess I should close this out and get to the painting job that now hovers over my awake hours. Our TV room is in shambles and the furniture delivery deadline looms large. Must be ready! That’s my mantra now.

It’s snowing here in the tri-state area. The latest winter storm is overhead and not moving out fast enough for my liking. No one can agree on how much we will end up with but for sure … it will be more than I need.

Ta-Ta. See you again when I’m not under so much performance pressure. They don’t have a pill to help with painting … YET.

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