Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A too long short story and a tip from me to you ... just saying......

Recently I searched out a reputable roofer to fix a leak that has nagged me for years now. I thought it had been fix by the fellow I hired to put on a new roof. He told me he had noticed it and did what he considered to be a quick fix. I was elated if he was right and glad to know that there are still some dedicated people doing hard, hot work for a reasonable price. It took a while to notice the indications that he had NOT fixed the afore mentioned leak. The roofer I was led to by some friends at a local eatery whom I break bread with one or two mornings a week, came over and evaluated my problem. He also admonished me for trying to repair it myself, calling the roofing tar from a cartridge I had used "Roofer in a can." He didn't hint around. He came right out and told me that what I did had actually made the leak worse. He was correct. It did get worse after I tried to do it myself.

He came over on the next Saturday morning and using some of the shingles I had saved from the new roof job, took about an hour to achieve what he assured, "Should" do the job. I was to call him if I discovered otherwise. I'm glad to report that so far; so good. We've had some heavy rain since and so far (knock on wood) I see no hint of a leak. Because of his accumulated experience and skills, he also shared some special "tidbits" pertaining to my current roof condition and possible future expectations. In his own words, it won't be too long before I may discover the need to have the WHOLE roof replaced. That was NOT welcomed information. Being the pessimistic kind of person I am, I told myself I would leave that up to the next person who owns this house. HEY! I'm not buying any green bananas now-a-days.

Now! Here's that tip I mentioned in the title of this post.
I'm going to suppose that a great many people live in homes that are frame and drywall on the interior walls. Many may even have drywall ceilings that have drywall compound on the ceilings that has been patterned with a round brush or sponge to create a common design everyone is familiar with.

Any "Do It Yourself" type handyman knows what corner and joint tape is as utilized by those that installed all that drywall in their house as it was being constructed. I'm going to do some "assuming" now. I find it hard to believe that I am the only home owner today that has noticed that the joint tape used in the corners where the vertical walls meet the horizontal ceilings has begun to pull away from the ceiling here and there around the house. If you are one of those, I'm wondering what you did about it. What I do know is that it looks very, very bad when it happens.

All good, skillful, experienced drywall craftsmen will apply a thin layer of joint compound under the joint tape before they begin the process of coating and applying designs on the ceilings. For all I know they may have come up with some device similar to a "Banjo" that is used on flat seams between sheets of drywall that applies the compound and tape all at the same time in the corners I referenced. What ever the case may be, for some reason the result is that they "skimp" on the film of compound under the tape that goes against the ceiling area. They must also end up with a thin layer of compound on top of the corner tape too. That's the only way I can explain the corner tape in that area coming loose and looking so bad. It took approximately twenty years for it to be noticed by myself. I don't know if that is what anyone should expect in the area of longevity when it comes to the lasting ability of drywall tape and joint compound. All I would ask is "Why doesn't the same thing happen to the vertical, inside corners of all the rooms also?" I know that they use a metal, corner "bead" to protect all the vertical, outside corners of the drywall panels. That explains why those areas don't have a similar problem.

I'll repeat myself; if you are one who has corner tape coming loose and looking bad in your home, what did you do about it? Perhaps you called a drywall repair person who came and fixed it someway. Perhaps you are one who doesn't really care how it looks here and there and can simply live with it. Perhaps you would try something like I did to make it better. Use a staple gun to hold it up on the ceiling panel and then cover it up with a heavy coat of paint. That method didn't work very long for me. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else either.

Here's what that some roof repair man that fixed my leak suggested as a simple fix. Using a chalking gun and a cartridge of "painter's friend" type chalking, apply a bead of chalk in said bad looking corner and then smooth it out with a putty knife. Give special attention to the edge of the tape where the crack can be seen. Forcing some chalk through the crack and under the tape before applying a sufficient layer of chalk over the whole taped area on the ceiling panel. The chalk will act as "glue" when it dries and the surface coat will cover any surface blemishes. When it dries it is difficult to tell where the crack ever exited and the next time you paint, the chalk with accept the paint well. It was easy and quick for me and it looks great right now. Only time will tell if this method has a flaw. For what it's worth, there it is. HEY! It's free advice. Free is almost always good (except when it isn't.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Global Warming - explained by a Hillbilly

Global Warming as seen through the eyes of this Hillbilly Philosopher.

I wonder; how long has it been since some scientist has checked on the tilt of our planet? I recall seeing it stated at one time as something like twelve degrees of inclination from the vertical plane. I think it may be time to break out the slide-rule again and do some recalculating.

I say that because I believe the position of the equator has changed. In our hemisphere, I believe it has moved northward, while on the opposite side of the planet, it has moved southward. The only way that could happen is if the tilt of our planet has been altered.

What influences could have brought that about? There are several but all of them involve moving the weight of the earth’s crust from one place to another.

I knew that learning to play golf was going to cause me serious problems in some way but I never dreamed it would come to this. The game of golf and global warming; what has one got to do with the other?

Dave Pelz is some kind of glorified Golf Guru. He knows too much for his own good in my opinion. One day I watched as he explained that no two golf balls are exactly the same. They have some variation in their density brought about by the manufacturing process. All golf balls have “heavy” spots in them and unless one can determine where that heavy spot is and align it just so when one is preparing to make a putt, that heavy spot is going to throw off all their other calculations concerning line and pace of the putt and it will miss the cup.

He brought out this special tool that can be used to determine where the heavy spot is located, position it at the center of a spinning ball and by using a fine-point felt-tip marker, inserting it in a hole and touching the spinning ball, leave a dark line around its determined equator. When one is getting ready to attempt a putt, they position the ball with that dark line centered, top to bottom, so that the heavy spot will roll from top to bottom continuously, insuring the “truest” roll possible. After seeing that demonstration, I got to pondering things unrelated to golf but still having to do with any round object that is spinning around.

The planet earth is sort of round and it’s spinning also. Imagine if you can, one of those machines large enough to accommodate our planet. Once it has been spun for a while and the heaviest spot on it is centered by centrifugal force, would that point be where we believe the equator to be located today?

Our planet is still geologically active. It has a core of melted minerals that are constantly on the move. The surface or mantel of the earth is “floating” on a sea of magma and as magma is forced to the surface by the affects of continuing cooling and the resulting shrinking caused by that cooling, the thin plates of the earth’s crust move in relationship to one another. That natural process in and of itself is changing the density of our planet relationally to its center.

Then, when you add to that the influence of the human race on all that naturally exists, that brings about further changes in the earth’s density. We human beings are mining minerals in one place, transporting them to another, using those minerals in one way or another. We are building structures on the earth’s surface all the time. We harvest trees or burn rain forests and that also has the affect of changing the location of surface weight on our planet. Not to mention the mass of humanity itself that migrates from one place on the face of the earth to another, concentrating populations of millions or billions of bodies into small areas on the earth’s surface and that contributes to a dramatic change in density or weight of the earth and the position of said weight on its surface. Humans tend to migrate to the most temperate areas on the earth’s surface, the places that are the most comfortable for them to live. If the equator is moving, so are the temperate zones and in reaction to that, the earth’s human population migrates right along with those changes.

The concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may contribute to a small temperature rise, but it’s all relative to the affects of our sun’s radiation. Where the sun’s radiation strikes the earth’s surface most directly is the area that will be heated up most. What is being heated up matters to the resulting affects of said heating. It’s all very complicated and I’m not even going to pretend to understand it all accurately. In my own logical way of thinking, if what is being heated most by the direct radiation of the sun is changed because the earth’s relational tilt is altered by any cause, then the resulting weather patterns are also going to change.

I hope that someone much more intelligent than myself will opt to look into this matter and get back with me on it. I’m beginning to get concerned about it. I may need to move to a more temperate zone and do it soon.

Just ask anyone and I’m sure they will agree; the weather sure has been different around here lately.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Growing up is optional

Today I received an e-mail from my younger sister. It was all about great truths one learns in life. You may have seen it yourself; I know it has made the rounds on the Internet.

I have a theory about truth and that is: Truth is not universal. Still, I read and agreed with much that was on that list. Then it struck me that some of those comments would make excellent writing prompts when someone is stuck for something to write about but just has the need to write as therapy. So that’s what you are getting here.

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

In my past writing I have often stated that I didn’t grow up until I was thirty-one-years-old. I realize now that I got married for the third time when I was thirty-one. Life was more fun when I was that immature person. When I grew up life became more enjoyable and I suddenly found myself much happier.

Now I have this feeling I should quote Paul the Apostle from my Bible.

1Cor:13:11: When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

I’ve heard others say that a certain child “had an old soul.” I don’t fully grasp what they meant by that. My understanding and comprehension concerning the depth of such a statement is very much like looking at an iceberg floating in the ocean. I can “SEE” a small portion of its meaning but I KNOW there is so much more to be known. In essence having an old soul implies that a child has grown up faster than most; they may even be seen as mature far beyond their years and possessing uncommon wisdom.

For me to grow up required a lot of conscious effort. The amazing aspect of it was that I saw so clearly exactly what needed to be changed. Paul said it so simply “I put away childish things.”

Whenever I needed to know about something complicated, all I had to do was remember every little bit of wisdom that my Dear Old Dad tried to teach me. He had a “down-home” type saying for every situation and circumstance that life could throw at a person it seemed to me. Jesus chose to teach using parables; Dad chose to teach using those earthy SAWS of his. One might not remember them if they only heard them once. I suppose that’s why Dad thought it was necessary to keep repeating them at every opportunity. If a situation called for one, he would dig into his bag of comments and spout it for me.

I don’t recall Dad ever sitting down with me and having “one of those lengthy talks” everyone else seems to have had with their parents, and yet, his words are so deeply ingrained in my character and personality there are times when I could pass as his clone.

My earthly father’s teachings sustained me for the first forty-three years of my life. My Heavenly Father’s influence has sustained me for the last twenty-seven years.

Dad wanted me to be worthy of my salt. Jesus said I am the salt of this earth. Dad wanted me to be a man. Jesus insisted that I come to him as a child. Dad said “stand up and be a man; fight for what you know is right and never let another man see you cry.” Jesus said to forgive your enemies and pray for them that spitefully use you; turn the other cheek and be meek and humble. Dad said “nobody is perfect,” Jesus said I could be perfect as His Father is perfect. Dad treated me like a child, Jesus treats me like his brother. Dad said I was irresponsible; Jesus says I am responsible for my own salvation.

One might suppose that I would be a very mixed up person seeing what confusing baggage I brought with me into my mature years. But my Dad also told me that the time could come when I might replace his advice with surer words of wisdom, tried and proven methods that would produce better results than his. “That’s what all men end up doing at some point in their life.” I hear Paul speak of seeing through a glass darkly until the one that is perfect comes.

I’m glad that my Dad lived to the ripe old age of eighty-two. Because of that opportunity to witness what I grew up to become, he himself had to adjust some of his thinking and opinions where I was concerned. You see; he was right about that much. Dad stopped treating me like a child when he began to see the mature choices I made in my life. Dad was a hard man but he had high hopes for all his sons.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Where I am from ... a Floyd First project

I am from tag soap and Robin Hood flour

I am from RC Cola and Moon Pies

The fragrance of the general store at the head of the holler

The pot-bellied stove with it stable of whittlers

Spinning tall tales, spitting ambure into rusted cans

I am from poverty and want, egg money and wood fired cooking stove, ashes on the floor that are swept through the cracks in the poplar flooring planks

I am from under the house playing with chickens and pups

Searching for Doodle Bugs to call from their pits

I am from Floyd Charles, Lula Marie and Carrie June

I am sturdy stock, strong of back and will

I am bathed in Moonshine, reared in slate piles,

Coal mine grit rubs thin places in my ruddy skin

I am from turning plows pulled by Mules

I lay down in seep water from a mine to cool myself in the heat of summer’s blazing sun

I am from Brown’s Mule and Day’s Work plug tobacco

I am slave to Buffalo roll-your-owns and kitchen matches struck on the rivets of my bibbed overalls

I am from long ago and far away, Appalachia was my prison

I have long roots that suckled survival from rocky hillsides

I was captive of family story tellers sharing family sins

Son of Hard-Shelled Baptists and Holy Rollers

Cursed, confused, needy and loved

I am from woods, streams and tobacco fields

I am from proud, angry, desperate dreamers,

longing for victuals and the basic necessities of life

I am from gravel roads and dry creek bed trails that only lead deeper into isolated ignorance

I am from mountains and branch of Sheep Shoals creek,

Walnut Gap and Pepper town ridge

I am from hunger and weariness, Kerosene and blasting caps,

Rock fences and triple strand barbed wire strung tree to tree that Blue Birds perch on and sing as I sit and ponder

I am from tick and chigger, bedbug and White-faced Hornet

I am friend to June Bug, foe to Wasps

I am from the banks of the Kentucky River, Jackson and Booneville, Owsley County, Ervin and Revina

Horse-shoe curve bars my way to Manchester and beyond

I am from Bluegrass and horse farms, miles of pasture and meandering creeks full of sucker and bream

I feed on Rabbit, Squirrel, Whistle Pig and Possum

Taters, Maters, buttermilk and cornbread

I come from scorn and ridicule, Jokes of in-breeding and questionable lineage

I am Hillbilly, Hayseed, Hick and Redneck, pick-up trucks with gun racks and Fox tail on the aerial

I am from hangings and feuds, Rebel Flags and cold long-necks

I am from thick skinned blood lines, hard and tested,

Proven and standing tall

I am from limestone slopes and hardwood forest, Cumberland Falls and Grassy Creek

I am from hard hands and soft laps, rock candy and molasses cakes

I am old and wise, weathered and bent

I am from smoke house and barn, solitude and quiet

Freshly mown hay and hog lots perfume the evening breeze

I am happy, content and glad to be from where I came