Monday, July 18, 2011

Global Warming - explained by a Hillbilly

Global Warming as seen through the eyes of this Hillbilly Philosopher.

I wonder; how long has it been since some scientist has checked on the tilt of our planet? I recall seeing it stated at one time as something like twelve degrees of inclination from the vertical plane. I think it may be time to break out the slide-rule again and do some recalculating.

I say that because I believe the position of the equator has changed. In our hemisphere, I believe it has moved northward, while on the opposite side of the planet, it has moved southward. The only way that could happen is if the tilt of our planet has been altered.

What influences could have brought that about? There are several but all of them involve moving the weight of the earth’s crust from one place to another.

I knew that learning to play golf was going to cause me serious problems in some way but I never dreamed it would come to this. The game of golf and global warming; what has one got to do with the other?

Dave Pelz is some kind of glorified Golf Guru. He knows too much for his own good in my opinion. One day I watched as he explained that no two golf balls are exactly the same. They have some variation in their density brought about by the manufacturing process. All golf balls have “heavy” spots in them and unless one can determine where that heavy spot is and align it just so when one is preparing to make a putt, that heavy spot is going to throw off all their other calculations concerning line and pace of the putt and it will miss the cup.

He brought out this special tool that can be used to determine where the heavy spot is located, position it at the center of a spinning ball and by using a fine-point felt-tip marker, inserting it in a hole and touching the spinning ball, leave a dark line around its determined equator. When one is getting ready to attempt a putt, they position the ball with that dark line centered, top to bottom, so that the heavy spot will roll from top to bottom continuously, insuring the “truest” roll possible. After seeing that demonstration, I got to pondering things unrelated to golf but still having to do with any round object that is spinning around.

The planet earth is sort of round and it’s spinning also. Imagine if you can, one of those machines large enough to accommodate our planet. Once it has been spun for a while and the heaviest spot on it is centered by centrifugal force, would that point be where we believe the equator to be located today?

Our planet is still geologically active. It has a core of melted minerals that are constantly on the move. The surface or mantel of the earth is “floating” on a sea of magma and as magma is forced to the surface by the affects of continuing cooling and the resulting shrinking caused by that cooling, the thin plates of the earth’s crust move in relationship to one another. That natural process in and of itself is changing the density of our planet relationally to its center.

Then, when you add to that the influence of the human race on all that naturally exists, that brings about further changes in the earth’s density. We human beings are mining minerals in one place, transporting them to another, using those minerals in one way or another. We are building structures on the earth’s surface all the time. We harvest trees or burn rain forests and that also has the affect of changing the location of surface weight on our planet. Not to mention the mass of humanity itself that migrates from one place on the face of the earth to another, concentrating populations of millions or billions of bodies into small areas on the earth’s surface and that contributes to a dramatic change in density or weight of the earth and the position of said weight on its surface. Humans tend to migrate to the most temperate areas on the earth’s surface, the places that are the most comfortable for them to live. If the equator is moving, so are the temperate zones and in reaction to that, the earth’s human population migrates right along with those changes.

The concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may contribute to a small temperature rise, but it’s all relative to the affects of our sun’s radiation. Where the sun’s radiation strikes the earth’s surface most directly is the area that will be heated up most. What is being heated up matters to the resulting affects of said heating. It’s all very complicated and I’m not even going to pretend to understand it all accurately. In my own logical way of thinking, if what is being heated most by the direct radiation of the sun is changed because the earth’s relational tilt is altered by any cause, then the resulting weather patterns are also going to change.

I hope that someone much more intelligent than myself will opt to look into this matter and get back with me on it. I’m beginning to get concerned about it. I may need to move to a more temperate zone and do it soon.

Just ask anyone and I’m sure they will agree; the weather sure has been different around here lately.

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