Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you know this singer/recording artist/vocalist?

I came across this video over at

Those Canadians are really getting into this Flash Mob video stuff and they are good at it too.

What really impressed me about this particular one is the fact that the flash mob only had one six hour rehearsal and the video was shot in one take. (this is what was reported in the blog)

I loved the sound track they were dancing to. I searched and searched but could not find out who has recorded the song "I believe she's amazing."

If you are good at Google searching perhaps you could find out for me and pass the name on to me.

If you can, I'd appreciate it. I want to download it from I-Tunes if it's available.

In the meantime, enjoy the music associated with the Flash Mob video I included here.

Tribute post - 9/11/2001

I feel emotionally spent.  I may be dehydrated due to all the moisture that has leaked from my eyes and been forced from my nasal passages.  I don't like being so emotional for such a long time.  I'm glad such occasions don't occur more often.
I will however, offer you the opportunity to shed a tear or two when you watch and listen to the video which follows here. 
I was there - a tribute video to 9/11/2001 from God's point of view.
You may need Him one day also.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Does Michele Bachmann Think Abolishing The Department Of Education Is A Solution?

Why Does Michele Bachmann Think Abolishing The Department Of Education Is A Solution?

A certain editor at the Daily Beast posed this question.

I would ask them and others ... "Do you not see that the woman has a good point to share and she made it.
Not everything she says is wrong. "

The educational system is not you own private Nanny. If you are thoughtless enough to bring children into the world that you really wish you hadn't, then your responsibility is to parent them as all parents should. That means paying the necessary taxes needed.

If you have children of school age, then gladly pay the tax which funds the schools they attend.
I don't have any children of school age living at home, they are grown and out on their own. Yet, the taxes I pay always include school taxes. Those new school buses aren't cheap. If they weren't there every school day, think about how much you would be inconvenienced. How would they get to school then. Parents over in Cincinnati found out the consequences of not passing the levee needed to fund the buses needed for their area. You should have heard them complain then.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Baby girl is gone and we are devastated

Eleven days ago, Maureen and I had to make the most difficult decision we've faced in many years.  Our beloved dog, Jenny, had been sick for a couple of months.  She seemed to be back to her old self after lengthy periods of various kinds of medications and then suddenly, she got much worse.  Our Vet diagnosed her with liver damage of some kind. She said that she had seen this in other dogs that had been kicked in the side by a horse.  Jenny had not been near a horse her whole life time and I'm positive we haven't been kicking her, not even once. We couldn't watch her suffer one hour longer if there was something we could do; and there was.  We called an Emergency Vet Clinic we were familiar with and were told to bring her in right away.  They would handle everything and anything we needed.

The clinic staff was outstanding. They understood how we were feeling. They knew how horrible a situation it was for us and they did everything in their power to ease us into the process, to support us in every way possible and they were so gentle and caring with our Baby.

Even now, I can't fight off the surge of grief which threatens to overwhelm my emotions. Never have I cried this hard over anything that wasn't human and very close to me. The three adults in this home are simply devastated, crushed, unable to deal with the situation. This home will never be the same again.  It's hard to believe that one small animal could cause this much havoc in a family.

My wife, Maureen will not be comforted.  Any little thing with the power to cause her to remember Jenny in the best of times bring on tears in a flood.  She has heart problems. I fear at times that she will not be able to hold up under the stress of such grief. Then, what will I do?  Curl up in a fetal position and just allow death to overtake me also?  I am nothing without her.  We are next to nothing without our Jenny.  God help us to overcome this.

My struggle to regain control of my life

Today I closed down my Facebook account.  The latest new feature they tried to force upon me, against my will, was the last straw.  They informed me that I have 14 days to sign back in and activate my account before  it is gone forever. One can only hope this is true.

Seems that everyone, even this very software I am using at the moment is "up-grading" my Blogger Interface or attempting to enhance my blogging experience.  It's a modern day fad or something.

I appreciate them desiring to make things easier and more convenient for ME.  I am convinced that is the only reason they are doing all this.  Call me gullible if you want.

Just as I wrote that last line and hit the ENTER key to move to the next paragraph, the cursor jumped up to the beginning of this composition and I just froze in place.

There! It did it again.  What is going on?  They want me to send them some feedback. I'll send them some feedback.  I don't think they will like it though.

Silly me!  I was supposed to go over to the right side here and set the "Options" before I started writing.  That was easy enough.  I wonder why that wasn't made known to me before I began to try out this new interface?

You know; the way I'm carrying on right now, you'd think that I was paying for this Blog.