Thursday, September 1, 2011

My struggle to regain control of my life

Today I closed down my Facebook account.  The latest new feature they tried to force upon me, against my will, was the last straw.  They informed me that I have 14 days to sign back in and activate my account before  it is gone forever. One can only hope this is true.

Seems that everyone, even this very software I am using at the moment is "up-grading" my Blogger Interface or attempting to enhance my blogging experience.  It's a modern day fad or something.

I appreciate them desiring to make things easier and more convenient for ME.  I am convinced that is the only reason they are doing all this.  Call me gullible if you want.

Just as I wrote that last line and hit the ENTER key to move to the next paragraph, the cursor jumped up to the beginning of this composition and I just froze in place.

There! It did it again.  What is going on?  They want me to send them some feedback. I'll send them some feedback.  I don't think they will like it though.

Silly me!  I was supposed to go over to the right side here and set the "Options" before I started writing.  That was easy enough.  I wonder why that wasn't made known to me before I began to try out this new interface?

You know; the way I'm carrying on right now, you'd think that I was paying for this Blog.

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