Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Baby girl is gone and we are devastated

Eleven days ago, Maureen and I had to make the most difficult decision we've faced in many years.  Our beloved dog, Jenny, had been sick for a couple of months.  She seemed to be back to her old self after lengthy periods of various kinds of medications and then suddenly, she got much worse.  Our Vet diagnosed her with liver damage of some kind. She said that she had seen this in other dogs that had been kicked in the side by a horse.  Jenny had not been near a horse her whole life time and I'm positive we haven't been kicking her, not even once. We couldn't watch her suffer one hour longer if there was something we could do; and there was.  We called an Emergency Vet Clinic we were familiar with and were told to bring her in right away.  They would handle everything and anything we needed.

The clinic staff was outstanding. They understood how we were feeling. They knew how horrible a situation it was for us and they did everything in their power to ease us into the process, to support us in every way possible and they were so gentle and caring with our Baby.

Even now, I can't fight off the surge of grief which threatens to overwhelm my emotions. Never have I cried this hard over anything that wasn't human and very close to me. The three adults in this home are simply devastated, crushed, unable to deal with the situation. This home will never be the same again.  It's hard to believe that one small animal could cause this much havoc in a family.

My wife, Maureen will not be comforted.  Any little thing with the power to cause her to remember Jenny in the best of times bring on tears in a flood.  She has heart problems. I fear at times that she will not be able to hold up under the stress of such grief. Then, what will I do?  Curl up in a fetal position and just allow death to overtake me also?  I am nothing without her.  We are next to nothing without our Jenny.  God help us to overcome this.

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