Friday, October 14, 2011

Precious time

In today's business world, TIME is one commodity whose value has risen off the chart. Supply and demand still applies here. Employees have the supply, and employers demand it from them. Even though companies demand the most valuable item you possess, they are not willing to pay the going price. They are leverage buyers and expect a bargain from you.

Frustration results when an employee wants to hold on to the personal, free time they have remaining during a normal workday, but the employers demands more and more of it.

When your workday begins at 4:30 AM and drags on for nine or ten hours, and those hours are packed with pressure, stress and personality conflicts, power struggles, office politics, company-union negotiations over grievances and contract disputes, production deadlines and such, and then you must fight grid-lock, stop and go traffic, short tempered motorists and those demonic orange barrels, you pull into the garage, close the door and just sit there in the dim light and quiet solitude, trying to unwind enough, so as not to be a threat to your family when you enter the house.

Words like success and career lose their meaning at times. Our bodies, minds, and emotions break down under such circumstances. We are more familiar with terms like hopelessness and desperation.

Those who are unable to cope with the mounting pressure and stress, we come to know as social dropouts, homeless, unemployed, mentally ill or deceased. Is it any wonder we are witness to shootings on expressways, fisticuffs after fender-benders and senseless, multiple murders in the work place?

Frustration and work anxiety can not explain the violence we read about in our newspapers which has been perpetrated by John Doe, normal, good citizen. There is much more involved than that simple explanation. The American Dream has become a nightmare, and if some solution is not found soon, the days ahead will only grow more threatening to the continued existence of the world, as we know it.

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