Friday, December 9, 2011


I believe our greatest difficultly when it comes to our new puppy (hereafter referred to as "CHEWY") is that our first puppy was such a godsend to us. We've said it many times since Jenny left us. "Jenny was a PERFECT puppy and an even better dog as an adult." Yes! Jenny was comparable to a bottle of fine wine. She only got better with age. We only wished that she could have aged for a few more years than she did. Nine years certainly was not enough time to share with us.

And now I found out that a friend of mine, another Blogger I had the privilege of getting to know via email and reading his wonderful Blog for years now, has suffered the same fate as us. He lost his beloved Tsunga. One difference between us and his family is that they have had and lost several other Labradors.

I was right there with Fred First when he brought Tsunga home. I watched and read all that Fred shared with us in print and photos. Tsunga was such a beautiful creature, in my opinion. Now, I look forward to looking on as Fred searches for a new friend to share his life with. I came right out and told him not to consider an Aussie Cattle Dog as a replacement. Well, I tweeted it to him anyway. That's the same as saying it in a face to face ... right? I just know that Fred is going to come up with something, some final words related to his life with Tsunga that I and the rest of the animal lovers out there wouldn't want to miss it. So, click on this active link to find him and his blog and then bookmark it for future access. I know you will be glad that you did.

Now, I feel a twinge of guilt for my warning. It's not Chewy's fault that she is as she is. It's me! I just know that I'm messing up what could have been a great dog.

I have acquired a moderate dislike for Caesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer of TV renown. What's so special about him? How did he acquire all that knowledge about dogs? Do they teach that stuff in college? I suppose I could have chosen a similar path for myself but how was I to know it was such a lucrative choice as a career? Don't get me wrong. Mr. Milan is a genius when it comes to understanding and training dogs. But, does he have to make it appear so easy?

Perhaps I am rushing to judgment and only adding to my shortcomings. Hey! It may well be that Chewy will mature and flower into a perfect adult dog too. All I must do is stick it out and wait to see what happens in another year or so. Chewy won't understand when I say "I'm sorry" for all the mistakes I've made in the past. Apologizing won't make a nickels worth of difference. I have prayed for guidance but so far, I don't feel led in the right direction.

Watch this web page. I know there will be other confessions to follow. I've got to unload my growing burden as it gets to the breaking point or I'll surely be crushed by the weight.

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