Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The bottom photo is a close-up of "Chewy." The top one is an image I borrowed from the web of a supposed Blue Tick Hound/Beagle mix puppy. Chewy's muzzle is not as "boxed" or "square" looking and her ears are certainly shorter than the other pups but other than that, she is spot on with her body and leg markings. I don't see any representation of an Aussie Cattle Dog in her. She already weighs more and is longer and higher than our Vet's expectations and predictions.

Yesterday I noticed that one of her razor-sharp baby fangs had come out and the smaller teeth both top and bottom look like a set of new human dentures. They are so white and perfectly matched. I believe our little girl is growing up quicker than anyone expected.

Our back yard (her playground and toilet) is a muddy marsh. We had some snow a few day back and then yesterday it got up to the mid fifties and everything that was frozen melted including an inch or so of the frozen soil. Those are the ingredients for a mess when an overly energized young adult Coon Hound mix gets out with her friends next door and have constant foot races and wallowing matches. I do not know what our neighbors do with three muddy dogs at once. I tried to wipe Chewy off but soon realized it was a losing battle. Two or three towels could not have gotten her clean. So ... Maureen and I took her into our bathroom and placed her in the tub, giving her a long needed bath. So much hair came off with the dirt, it stopped up the drain, requiring constant removal to prevent an accumulation of dirty, soapy water. As it was, she left a whale of a bathtub ring after we were done.

Why is it that dogs go crazy right after a bath? We kept the bathroom door closed until we gave her a cursory towel down and soaked up the majority of the water. When we did all we could and opened the door, she ran out and went crazy. It was some time before she quieted down enough to give her another rub down with another towel. Maureen ended up with back problems before we were done. She stayed bent over the tub longer than her back could bear it and it too went wild. She confessed, that had never happened to her before. I believe age is getting to us both.

It continues to rain heavily here. The rain runoff has moved some of the muddy build-up along the fence perimeter down into the lower area we have fenced off to keep Chewy out from behind the shed. That helped but there is no getting away from mud this time of year, no matter how thick one's grass is. I ordered myself some Mudrucker slip-on, water-proof shoes and a shoe cleaning brush assembly I'll use to clean the Mudruckers next spring when the monsoons move in, as they always do. I'll need to mount the brush contraption onto something stable, so I can stand on it while forcing the shoes back and forth through it. It's like one of those brushes golf courses us at the clubhouse entrances. Now ... if we only had a mud room to let Chewy into before she is allowed into the house. A guy can dream, can't he?

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