Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Addiction is ...................


It enters our physical bodies through every natural orifice. It affects the physical and emotion aspects of the temporary host we use to interact with the world around us.

It will steal your good name, your character and your soul.

It will cause many of those that love you, to wash their hands of you and shun you.

It will cause many to rue the day that you came into their lives and the world.

Some will even wish you would die as a result of your addictions.

A great many WILL realize the fulfillment of that wish and come to know great regret and remorse for their feelings and thoughts about you.

I don't believe God had any of that in mind when He created us.

Which one of us can say they have no addictions and be truthful?

Today, there is a great void in the ether. It is there as a result of the deaths of so many due to their addictions. So many of them were gifted as few have been. They were great, wonderful, talented and as weak in their flesh as every other one of us. We are aware of their absence because they were icons, role models, stars of one public arena or another. Their names are household names. Everyone knew, respected and looked up to them as examples.

The fortunes their gifts has brought them could not protect them from the desires of their flesh. The truth is, it enabled them, making it easier to afford, acquire, abuse and share with those close to them, who were also addicts.

The addicts are not alone in what they give up and lose to sustain their addiction, for eventually, their addiction leads to an early demise and those of us who have loved and followed their talent and the wondrous treasures they gave to the world also know great loss. We grieve just as their immediate family members grieve. We shed torrents of tears, sobbing so intensely we feel as if we will die also because of the loss. Our hearts are no less broken than are the hearts of parents and siblings of the departed.

We will miss you terribly dear Whitney. May God be merciful to you. We know He loved you.

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