Monday, July 23, 2012

What does "spirituality" mean?

God is a Spirit and the most accurate way He can communicate with us is through and by our spirit. Did you know you have one? Have you ever acknowledged its existence? There are multitudes of people who haven’t.

Human language is such a crude means of communication. When it fails us, we resort to a touch, a caress or a facial expression, a certain look in our eyes, perhaps a kiss or when all else has failed in expression, an embrace that lingers. All these forms of expression are attempts to communicate and sometimes, we are successful. Without using our lips and tongue to form one word, without paper and ink, we manage to express our feelings and we are understood. Can you explain how? It is enough for most to know that they have made themselves understood and they don't bother to try and understand the process which allowed it to take place.

The female of our species seems to utilize the ability more often than the males. Those who are educated and believed to know about such matters have explained that the female spends more time relating to the world around them out of the right side of their brain. They are said to be more intuitive. Could we say that females are just more in tune with their spirits? That trait has been translated by some to mean that they are more sensitive, more tuned in to the feelings of others.

I wonder, is there a likelihood the human spirit is somehow connected to the right side of the brain? That could explain why creative ability is attributed to the right side of the brain.

A multitude of conclusions has been arrived at concerning the right side of the human brain. Left handed persons are said to be more creative, more sensitive, more in tune with reality. I believe that creativity is closely related to spirituality. In my own language, I have attempted to explain the creative process as one that involves connection with the spirit, which in turn, is connected to a spiritually creative stream which emanates from God Himself. Is the right side of our brain a kind of spiritual antennae? Did God create it with that purpose in mind?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone you know has experienced a tragedy, something like the loss of a loved one, and you go to them, hoping to be a comfort in some way, but once you have arrived at their side, you were unable to come up with any words which you believed would help? You position yourself as close as possible to them and reaching out, lay an arm across their slumping form and find yourself overcome with emotion? Neither one of you are able to speak; there are only moans of agony and grief, and yet, somehow, there is communication. Who can deny that such communication is spiritual in nature?

In most of the world’s religions, spirituality is a common theme. The word doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. I see the word often as I surf around the Internet and read what others have on their mind. One person even implied that spirituality can be “Messy.” I believe they may be correct. I also believe that my own thinking on the subject is a bit messy. God knows I’ve struggled a long time trying to put my thoughts into understandable terms. Did anyone out there hear me yet? Do you believe me to be way out there on the far side of logic and reason? If so...would you take a stab at it yourself and help me to not be so messy?

Address the subject as best you can and post it somewhere, then Please send me a link. That would be great. But please don’t repeat any church’s doctrine. Tell me what you REALLY believe or have personally experienced. Yes! Tell me a good story...that’s the ticket.

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