Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cruel and or unusual punishment

Just as in the use of the phrase "separation of church and state" by anyone discussing our constitution, use of the phrase "cruel and unusual punishment" is also as likely to be brought up by someone desiring to call attention to a specific criminal case or the punishment thereof.

It's hard to believe that the phrase was used as far back as King Henry in Old England. If I'm understanding what I've recently read pertaining to the topic during a Google search, depending upon when and where a society existed, whether or not certain sentences were cruel and/or unusual punishment might differ greatly.

Being beheaded or drawn and quartered was widely accepted punishment for any of an ancient King's enemies. Here in this country, for a great many years, being hung in public was commonplace. For most military tribunals, a Firing Squad was the favorite means. For Pirates, it was walking the plank or riding the blade of a wielded cutlass. But, I suppose, as a modern day society, we here in the U.S. of A. have evolved in leaps and bounds.

I for one don't care for what we have become in that respect.

Judge Roy Bean was judge, jury and executioner for the law west of the Pecos. He string up two or three rustlers and horse thieves before breakfast each day. He was cheap and efficient. We don't know if he was always right or if justice was truly being served but mostly, only the accused protested the practice very much. As some will readily tell you ... We have come a long way Baby!

That may be true also, but the question is: "Where have we come to, long or short distance?"

Yesterday, I began to hear little tidbits in the news about some convicted murderer being granted the funds for a sex change operation while still in prison by a broad-minded judge in Pennsylvania. Broad-minded I guess! His mind is so broad it compares to the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. Refusing said prisoner his request has been compared by certain persons, whose mental stability is highly suspect, as cruel and unusual punishment. Wait a minute while I throw up my breakfast. HURL! NOPE! that didn't help one bit.


I provide the above link as the source for some search results you may want to peruse should you view this post as unbelievable or not being real.

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