Saturday, December 1, 2012

Everything you want to know about daylight shifting

What time is it? 
Does anybody really know? 
How about you? 
Is it daylight saving time or regular time?
Would it matter to you if we did away with daylight saving time?

Speaking for myself, I love late summer.  Isn't it great when daylight lasts till almost 10 o'clock?  If you are an early riser, as I am, that gives you a lot of daylight to work and play in or simply sit on the patio, under the awing and relax.

At this point in time, my body's inner clock is so confused.  It's not sure if it's daylight saving time or regular time.

I became curious about the matter and did some searching on the Internet to see if I could get down to the bottom of it.  All that effort resulted in was confusing me even more.

I just read that Benjamin Franklin was the first to come up with the idea.  Who knows how accurate that fact is?  I also read this morning that some Indian chief claimed that the US government was being silly.  He said that someone in our government actually believes that you can cut 1 foot off the top of a blanket, sew it on the bottom and make the blanket longer.  That allegory gave me a chuckle.

Here's a link to a site that claims to tell all the history of "daylight shifting."

The above site is so interesting, it compares to beginning to read a book that one is not able to put down until it is completed.  So, you have been warned.
Proceed at your own risk.

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