Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My thoughts on gun controls

I personally doubt that the insurance for guns idea has a lot of merit.

Do you know where most people get their guns?

They are handed down, generation to generation. Most of them are OLD, but a well maintain and seldom used gun of any type will still function and kill whatever it is aimed at when the trigger is pulled.

Only one or two of the many guns I've owned were purchased new. There is nothing to reveal who has them on hand NOW. They all had serial numbers but those numbers are not written down anywhere or traceable back to the original or current owner.

To have guns insured, they, as with cars and trucks or any vehicle, need registration numbers kept on file. Do you really believe that we suspicious gun owners, who have NEVER trusted government control of anything when it comes to self defense, will voluntarily provide someone with serial numbers, model numbers, calibers and manufacturing dates related to our most treasured tools? And tools are what we are talking about here. They are viewed like a common pocket knife in my base culture. They are little more than a remote controlled heavy club used to subdue living food or hostile forces that threaten us.

The rifle, shotgun and some pistols I own today have not seen the light of day in many years. I will not part with them so long as I have breath in this old body. They have more sentimental value to me than any other possession. There are countless, good memories attached to them. One needs to have been a hunter providing needed meat for a family to understand such thinking.

There are many who want our military to have the most modern weapons available, and yet, those same folk think all we potential, domestic militia members need only muzzle loading muskets. That's ridiculous! If we ever needed to assemble and defend this country against invasion forces or domestic rebels, we NEED the latest weaponry too.

I do believe that limiting access to certain kinds of ammunition may be one means of controlling the carnage but, come on people, making me sign a registration book when I purchase a 50 bullet box of .22 long rifle bullets or box of shot-shells for hunting contributes nothing to the effort. The bullets I have now are so old, I often doubt they will fire when I need them. BUT, I have them and I feel this strange sense of security here at home because I do.

There are no children here to worry about and I have instructed the two women who live here how to load and fire the pistols, rifle and shotgun and to handle them safely. The weapons and ammunition are stored separately and none of them sit around already loaded unless we experience some neighborhood criminal activity such as area break-ins and home invasions. At which point I will have something handy at all times.

Don't come to my home with evil in your mind. I have guns and know how to use them. More than that, I am willing to do so.

My guns are advanced hammers and perceived threats to life and property are nails to me. Have guns ... do not travel!

Whoa! I feared this might happen ... I've stayed on the topic for too long.
An idea just came to me!  I'll run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.

Let's outlaw the sales of ALL firearms of any type to individuals.  There are already enough guns out here for civil purposes.  Share what you have with friends, family and needy neighbors. Give them away or sell them as you see fit, but one person only needs so many guns, anything other than that is a little weird or crazy (if you know what I mean.) I know it's hard to resist the urge to possess the latest and greatest gadgets but no Deer I've ever seen requires a mini-gatlin gun to bring it down or for that matter, a fully automatic rifle with a banana clip of 30 bullets.  Give the animals a chance and learn to be a better shot with a single shot rifle.  Instead of spraying 30 cal, soft-point projectiles around in a wood lot, be sure of your target and the background before you pull the trigger. AND, for your own sake, wear some blaze orange on your body, preferably your head and shoulders.

Should we ever be invaded by foreign forces, we could go to a nearby civilian armory, set-up by every city and town in this country, where weapons and ammo would be available to every able bodied person that volunteers to defend their areas.  That way, arms and ammo manufacturers would stay in business ... a booming business for as long at it takes to stockpile said armories and after that, the regular market demand would still be there.
Let's create some more badly needed jobs out here people! Also, established armories would need to be expanded as population numbers in an area grow. That's a sustainable market source too.   

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