Thursday, January 10, 2013

A change of attitude for the new year

I do not consider this to be a new year's resolution.  I'm going to attempt to adjust my attitude to one of being more grateful about the little things in my life.

God and I certainly know that I am one, very blessed man.  I think it was shortly after I was Born-again, through and by His Spirit, that my eyes were first opened to that fact. Since that time I have slowly been distracted by other important developments and lost sight of that truth.  I allowed the behavior of other Christians involved in organized religion to influence my own behavior and I lost what faith I had in the Church in general.

I thought that God and His Spirit was all I needed to keep me moving in the right direction. I must have been wrong because my breaking with the Church has had nothing but negative influence upon my continuing growth as a Christian. I began to pull away from praying, witnessing for Him and sharing Jesus with others.  Doing that is like walking into a large safe, closing the door behind yourself and smothering from the lack of oxygen in the safe.

So ... having expressed all of that, I will now continue:

I want to thank the person or group of persons that first conceived the notion of rebuilding Turkeyfoot Road here in this Northern Kentucky area.  It was a Godsend for the whole area.
And then, some really intelligent person or persons saw the need for some quick action that might help the traffic flow at one particular intersection connected with all that marvelous improvement.  They planned and executed more road work at the intersection of Turkeyfoot and Thomas Moore Parkway, in that they added a right-turn lane for north-bound traffic.

You see, our Doctor's office is located just off Thomas Moore Parkway and it was necessary for us to find alternate routes to get there during rush hour.  If you don't live around here or are not familiar with the area at all, you may not know that St. Elizabeth Hospital has all but taken over that general area.  They have a monopoly set up for any and all forms of medical services in the Northern Kentucky area.  They control it all.  During hospital shift changes, you DO NOT want to be near that said intersection or any of the feeder routes into it. When you combine that fact with all the normal rush hour traffic, it's hell on earth trying to get to an appointment or God forbid, you need emergency services.  I have limitless compassion for anyone that is a daily commuter who is simply trying to get to work or back home every day, someone that needs to head north on I-75 or I-71 in the morning or South at quiting time.  YES! it's bad ... BUT when I think about what it could have been had they not done to Turkeyfoot Road what they did, it makes me quiver in my shoes as I do ... and then I realize that I Do NOT have to do that anytime and my gratitude climbs into the stratosphere.

And that's just one aspect of my life.  The other reasons I have to be grateful are simply limitless when I think about it.  So, you can see that fulfilling that goal I set out to achieve this year is not going to be much of a struggle.

GOD ... I thank you for this life you gave me and for the blessing you fill each day with, day in and day out.  Forgive me when I fail to realize it and don't express the thanks that is in my heart.  NOW ... If I might impose upon you one more time ... could you please do something about this awful cough I've had now for over three weeks?  I've already been though the valley of the shadow of death and you helped me get here today.  You've seen fit to send Lisa (my primary doctor's nurse/practitioner) to take care of me when he's not available.  She's so nice and much easier to see when I'm sick than he is. Please don't allow those idiots in Washington to mess around with and destroy our Social Security and Medicare.  If you do ... just think about how much more we will be pestering you with all our aches, pains and financial problems.  I mean ... I'm just saying...

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