Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cookie Crumbs - Details of another day's beginning

I usually arrive at Cookie's Diner around five after six in the morning.  This morning was no different so far as arrival time was concerned.  It was however a terrible journey, in that it had been raining torrents and I knew that somewhere along my route, danger would rear its ugly head.  I know this because I had been a victim only last fall.  Somewhere around the entrance of Maddox Nursery, a deep pool of run-off lay in waiting.  Last year, it all but caused my RAV-4 to end up in the deep drainage ditch on the right side of SR-25.  Only God's merciful hand saved me. Even if He might not had a thing to do with it, I was sending up loud words of praise in His direction when I made it through, still on the dark, dangerous road.  Give thanks in all things the scriptures command us and I know who holds my future in His hands.

I had picked up my latest, new pair of glasses only two days ago and honestly, the new prescription wasn't making much of a difference, especially while driving at night ... in heavy rain. Neither darkness nor rain on the windshield were friends of mine.  They diminish my liberty and put limits on what I'm willing to risk and going to Cookies for breakfast and some time jawing with Cookie and her regular customers is not something I'm willing to give-up easily. I do believe that some new wiper blades and new hi-visibility head-lamps would be a brilliant investment. Only other individuals of advanced maturity and poor vision know of that which I speak.

After entering the dining room, giving and receiving standard salutations and asking for my usual cup of hot tea, I staggered over to the round table, maneuvering through the obstacle course of pulled out chairs and sitting down with my back to the wall, something I learned from Wild Bill Hickok, I spied the folded up section of the newspaper which held the Cryptoquip puzzle that Bill had given up on and promptly proceeded to screw it up so badly that it was not recoverable. YES! It takes courage to use a ballpoint pin to do it but it IS also a little stupid to do so.

I had made up my mind that I was going to nurse my cup of tea until daybreak.  I wasn't in any hurry and it would be much safer that way.

Regulars that normally set at the round table came and went, only I remained. K. M. came in, got a hot cup of Cookie coffee and sat down.  There was a short period of verbal sparring between he and I and then this fellow I've seen and spoke to several times before came over and sat down at our table.  I'm thinking it was his first time. I may be wrong about that.  SO ... why did I even bring it up?

ANSWER:  I'm about to imply that God or FATE had something to do with it.  Whatever the forces be that were at work, I'm here to state that I'm glad it happened. Since I don't have a signed waiver from any of Cookie's customers or for that matter, Cookie herself, I will only identify this aging man as O. M.  Cookie is not the real name of the owner and I'm not about to reveal what it is, for she doesn't look kindly upon anyone using that name in public. Cookie's Diner IS the true name of the place.  I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the great home cooking or the atmosphere due to a misunderstanding. It's located on SR-25 just before Mt. Zion Road if you are moving south, there on the right.  I hope you are traveling during daylight hours when you start searching for it.  The sign light does not work during the rain I'm told.  I'm beginning to think that it doesn't work when it's not raining either. Only Cookie knows the truth of the matter.

Some acquaintances of K.M. came in and sat near enough to talk with him.  That left myself and O.M. to get acquainted.  It wasn't easy due to the fact I am so lacking in the social graces. You see ... I love to talk and I'm a terrible listener.  That makes for a difficult situation.  I'm glad to report that O.M. is an, intelligent, educated, experienced man of the world.  He has street smarts ... if you know what that really means. I have my own definition for it and he struck me as that.

Turns out, O. M. held my dream job during his youth.   He was a Forest Ranger at one time, manning a fire look-out tower down in what is today, Danial Boone National Forest. I think he said he held the job while attending college.  I'm not sure how that worked but it's his story and I believe him.  When I asked him his name and introduced myself, I mentioned that there was a young couple living in the corner house on our street that had his family name.  He asked if they were nice people.  I assured him they were.  He came back with "then, they are certainly related to me."  I gave him a big smile for his effort and added to my memory bank that he had a good sense of humor, something I placed a lot of importance on when it came to those I like to spend time with.

I shut up and allowed O. M. to eat his breakfast in peace when his order arrived at our table and turned my attention back to K. M., whom I asked how he liked being ignored by myself and O. M., informing him that it was payback for he and J. T. discussing business the previous morning and totally ignoring everyone else around. There was no reaction from K. M. and I was kind of glad.  I was being a wise ass anyway, a common flaw in my character that I struggle with daily.

I would like to report that O. M. and I hit it off and have began a rewarding relationship we might continue to nurture now and then, during some other mornings at breakfast at Cookies but that would be taking an awful lot for granted, after all, how well do I really know O. M. and does he feel likewise?  Right now, I'd only be guessing to make such a statement.

There is a potential here for more adventures to follow.  I'll run this one up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes.  Have a great day if at all possible.

I remain hopeful for continuing improvements in my daily routine and developing friendships.

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