Friday, January 11, 2013

My response to Storylane's Community Manager

Are you sure you want me to go there ... namely what incentives do I have for sharing my stories, my writings, my experiences and opinions?

If your stats are accurate and there has been 6 views of my stories this week, WHY is that stat not reflected somewhere accessible to me? I would like to know which of my stories is attracting the most readers.

In response to your questions ... I have been ill for a month now.  I picked up something, somewhere and it took over my body and my life.  I think I am on the improvement side of the treatment process. There is still a nagging cough that is hanging on and on and on.  I am weary of medicating myself, then again, considering the alternative, I will keep on as long as possible.  Thanks for asking.  You are a brave person.  Surely you know how we old people are and how much we like to complain about our problems.

I'm not sure my failing vision will stick with me long enough to compose something of that length.
Believe me ... I don't do it for the money.  Neither do I do it in hopes of fame or notoriety.  I've had my time in the spotlight and it lasted longer than 15 minutes.  

I write what I write and have written because I was given a gift and the inspiration needed to do so.
Most of what I write comes straight from my heart and my heart is powered by God's Holy Spirit.
He revealed to me that there exists, a stream of creativity which emanates from Him.

I would like to know which of my submissions attract the attention of others, be they seekers of truth or fiction, inspiration or divine intervention.  Once I know that, I can focus on that area or areas and choose accordingly.  I have been writing at God's direction for almost 29 years now.  I've learned to ask for inspiration and guidance whenever I sit down with a burden on my soul. God's spirit directed men of old to write His words down, words that became the scriptures we have today.  What some people do not consider when they read and study the Bible is this ... God's unctions were filtered through the hearts and minds of mortal men, men that God had touched in some way.  He used Angels and dreams to guide some of them, others He spoke to directly.  God has not ceased doing that.  I know many such men and women.  Converted individuals, each and every one. God is no respector of persons. He will use an ass to convey his message when man is unreachable.

I have been honored many times to be His pen, His voice, His hands and then, I, as so many others before me, reached a point where I took his grace for granted and failed Him in my calling. Who can say what wonders and miracles He could have done through this instrument of earthly flesh had it always been willing, open and receptive to His Spirit's guidance?

I have learned so many life lessons because I was given new eyes to see them with.  I experienced them and then sat down and attempted to share them with the rest of this world's inhabitants.  I wasn't sure how God was going to use what I was writing, but I knew that He knew and so I wrote and shared, then saved for a future time those writings that He had not instructed me how to publish when they were done.

Many of the words I wrote were "anointed" with special purpose.  Sometimes they were written with a specific person in mind and I shared them only with that person.  It was up to them what they did with the words after that. I had been given them freely and I offered them in the same way to others. I did not SAVE such words on my computer or in a hard-copy form. Perhaps I should have for future reference.

It is difficult to admit but I am not that man any longer.  I have been afflicted with diseases that diminish the very tools and gifts I used for God.  He has permitted it and I can only agree with His will for me.  He sustained me for many years after I had reached the point in time where I personally thought I would cease to exist.  I can't say how many times I had told myself that I would never see 40 years. Here I am today, 73 years and counting, not knowing when He will call me home to be with Him.  So, if any of those that read the words I have shared with your site, are praying people, ask them please to pray for me, that I might once more be seen by my Creator as a usable instrument.  I long to hear His voice, feel His Spirit and know that I am in the center of His will. 

I too have run the race, fought the good fight and fell to His enemies. I fear that I am spent, like a fire that has no new fuel to spark it back to life.  Pray for me.

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