Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remembering some happy days (REPOST from the past)

April 3rd, 1971, the day Maureen and I tied the knot, so to speak. Actually, it was more like Super gluing than knot tying. The bond was non-breakable after only a few moments and that bond has been tested endlessly over the last 42 years. It may have stretched a little now and then, but it has never been broken.

“Happy Anniversary!” she blurted out yesterday morning as we sat here in this room watching what the DVR had recorded for us the night before. It’s just what we normally do on any other day. It didn’t feel wrong for either of us, even if this was a special day, one that should be celebrated. We HAD plans but they were scheduled for “later.” We would do some shopping, then take in an early movie over at the megaplex and then decide on some place to get a good meal. That should get us back home around three in the afternoon.

The movie starts at 11:45 so that gave us an hour to look for a new computer cart to replace the huge cabinet my computer set-up now occupies. We found two that could suffice so we decided to mull it over and make a decision after watching our movie of choice. The movie was pretty good. At least it had a happy ending and we love happy endings. We will only pray that what we are planning for our little family room will also have a happy ending.

We decided which one of the two choices was best, stopped to pick one up on the way to getting that anniversary meal we were looking forward to, got it loaded in the back of the RAV-4 and headed over to Dixie Highway. Maureen suggested this little Italian place she had gone by many times lately, often telling Gail that she intended to try it one day. One Day was here!

Really, I don’t know how to describe it to you. Actually I believe the less I share with you…the better. Allow me to sum it all up with one statement. I don’t know why the health department hasn’t closed it down by now because of the countless violations I observed within five minutes of walking in the front door. Believe me, you don’t want me to get started.

NOW…here is the shocking part of it all. I closed my eyes and ordered a Hoagie Supreme. Before I began eating, I prayed over my meal. I did it because I believed I would be lucky not to end up with food poisoning when all was said and done. I won’t identify the establishment.
I don’t know why…I just won’t.

Go ahead! Ask me how the food was. I dare you!

With the first bite I was transported in my mind back to the days shortly after Maureen and I began our life together. We loved Pasquale's Hoagies. There was a small, store-front one on Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky that made a sandwich to die for. We have often sat around talking about those times and how much we wished they were still around. As of this time I am of the opinion that our wishes have come true.

Before we left the place I stopped by the front counter and offered up my praise to the food, how it has taken me back all those years to our early Happy Days. Need I tell you that everyone within earshot seemed a little shocked by my words? I was being honest. In fact, I made sure to ask if they deliver to our area. If it was that good sitting in the midst of all that I witnessed, how much better would it taste at home?

When we returned home at two-fifty, I opened the heavy carton the new cart came in and set about assembling it. I needed Gail’s help before I got it finished. Maureen was up stairs preparing the extra bedroom (now officially our storage room) to accept everything we end up moving out of our little family room in order to make all the changes we have planned.

How’s that for a way to spend your anniversary? Maureen and I liked it. That’s all that matters.

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