Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good reports in the midsts of difficult times

Today, Maureen, my dearest wife went through a "STRESS TEST."  For most, having someone you care for going through that is worrisome and if it's someone you love more than your own life, it's especially horrific for them and you.

Our daughter was so concerned about it, she wanted to take off work and go with her Mother while it was being done.  We assured her that I, FATHER and HUSBAND, would take her to the appointment and stay with her all the while, even if it took the four full hours they told us it COULD take. 

It only took three full hours and I stayed in the waiting room, wide awake all that time.

On the way home, we stopped for something to eat because Maureen hadn't had solid food since yesterday at six o'clock in the evening.  I know she had to be famished. As we sat in the car and ate, Maureen began to talk between bites.  She said how proud she was of me. "you were so calm and at peace all the while this scary stuff was going on.  Normally you would be anything but either of those things."  She was right!  I had been something other than the normal ME.

That was not a FIRST for me.  It has happened a few times over the last 29 years.  I became a new Christian on that day 29 years ago and along the way I learned to trust God's will in all matters relative to my new life. You only need to do it once and after that, it's an easy thing to do, so Maureen had no reason to be so proud of me.  Besides, our daughter was at her desk, multitasking ... that is ... doing her job and praying for her Mother AND ME.  I knew it and so did Maureen. 

So, I say once more ... Thank You Lord! for showing us once again that you are FAITHFUL and worthy to be praised and given thanks in all things. AND ... Thank you Kellie for being all that you can be in Christ Jesus.  The good reports concerning you doing what you do for Him and those He loves are constantly falling upon our ears.  We never tire of hearing them. Our spirits soar to heavenly heights and are refreshed always with the good works you do.

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