Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A comment left on a friend's blog (Fred First)

Fred ... you have touched upon an aspect of life that is more meaningful to some of us than even you might believe.
I was talking to a friend at breakfast this morning. It was just him and myself at a large table that had the potential to become so noisy at a time when every chair was filled, it was difficult to be heard by the person next to you. We often go deeper into some topics than others. I was trying to express how I felt at times, now that I am 74 and those things I loved to do, like hunting, fishing, gardening and yard-work, have become so difficult and demanding, they have lost most of what made them enjoyable for me in the past. The realization for me WAS; it's not that the activities has changed ... it was ME that was doing all the changing. TOO EASY! Yes! Many things can become too easy but for so many of us, things have gotten too difficult.

I told my friend that lately, I had this feeling of becoming separated from life as I once knew it. For me, memories are all that I have left concerning certain aspects of life. Now I fear a time when even those will be lost to me.

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