Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rainbow Rage

It is said that the longest of journeys begin with the first step.
That’s what this is.  Also be forewarned; I will not be politically correct.  If you are sensitive, best you just keep moving on.
I will be seventy-five years old this month.  I have recently transitioned into a “Curmudgeon.”  In other words, I’m too old to care about most everything except keeping this guy happy and unloaded when it comes to social concerns.
With the introductions over; let’s get on to the reason we are here.
Believe it or not, I’ve been paying attention to what is going on in my little world.  Slowly but surely, our culture is being influenced by certain people who see themselves as smarter than your average citizen.  Their goal is to make micro-adjustments to our opinions about the LGBT organization and its participating members who are of a similar ilk, namely “GAY” in some aspect of their lifestyle.
It began with a hint that someone or some-two characters in an entertainment production being viewed by WE, the people of these United States, be it any mode of visual content, is “different”.  
Today, it is very difficult to watch a movie or weekly series on our televisions, at home, that does not include LGBT behavior by at least two of the current characters in an episode.  It’s everywhere we go on our TV remotes.  And, here’s the rub … it’s working for millions of people.  It has invaded every aspect of our daily lives.  The more we are exposed to it, the more those that have been in the closet in the past, know a growing confidence and boldness. I don’t know who they were trying to fool by remaining so secretive about it.  Perhaps they were trying to fool themselves.  Well, that was a giant fail to those closest to them.
Drugs, crimes of all sorts, especially murders of one or many at a time and the tearing away of our social fabric, IS changing our world; our entire planet.
Conflict is everywhere we turn.  Mankind is destroying everything it touches. Nothing is sacred to even the most devout.  Mental illness and perversion threatens all.  There is no haven to be found, no sanctuary except for joining others of a like persuasion.  Thus, we have enclaves,  tribal units and fortified compounds where some semblance of safety and security can be found.
At first, all the new emergents from the secret niches of unaccepted lifestyles required was inclusion in a family unit and support from parents and siblings. They were making slow progress and then … the AIDS epidemic struck the ranks of those gathering in bathhouses and massage parlors or other kinds of activities where same sex men could meet and cultivate relationships.
Total FEAR reigned for a time and there was a new surge of rejection from the masses to contend with.  To be shunned and hated; Yes! hated by so many once more was a burden many would not be able to tolerate, so the sick suffered alone most of the time, and died from their affliction.  Few of those outside the ranks of Gay men held any sympathy or compassion for their plight and the isolation only increased.  Whatever happened to pity for one’s fellow man?  It was swallowed up by rampant fear of being infected, somehow, someway; no one knew for sure how the disease was transmitted but it certainly took on the appearance of a curse from God Himself through which, He demonstrated His anger at their sinful lifestyle.
Men laying with men had been written about for over two thousand years.  All the great civilizations, such as Rome participated in this behavior.  They wallowed in perversion and orgies of any and all kind.   Their culture and customs had the effect of  bringing down the whole kingdom.
You know … if everyone in the world were attracted to another of the same sex, we would not have the problem of worldwide overpopulation we are facing today. Then again, the human race would soon become extinct.  Our planet might be better off if that WERE the case.
As a male member of said race, I  do have the ability to understand how we arrived at where we are today.  I served in our nation’s military for three years.  Men living with men; competing with one another as men will want to do.  Pissing contests, the measuring and comparing of each other’s penis size; realizing how it caused us to feel superior or inferior to one another.  Yet we were secure enough in our own individual manhood, we had the ability to recognize and appreciate what we saw as the positive aspects of another man’s being.  
Having expressed all the above, I also perceive something mysterious about how we men possess the ability to come together under a common motivation and something within us allows for a bonding with one another to allow us to become a unit, a tribe of brothers, Warrior types, who can “watch one another’s six;” a saying that is so popular today.  I would stop short of calling it “Love,”  but certainly, it is emotional, a deeply held kinship and respect for the complete package which represents what an individual man is composed of. I can’t help it if that last sentence is crude in its structure.  I suddenly find myself at a loss for the right words to express my thoughts at the moment.
Females of our species, I believe, know of what I make reference to here. They express themselves by calling another female their BFF, etc.  They can dance with one another; men cannot and still see themselves as men unless they are in the midst of a gathering of other men that are likewise.  They prefer to attend a “gay bar” where they can simply BE.  It is dimly lit, with alcohol flowing, music thumping, and they are most comfortable in such an atmosphere. The rest of the world is Out There, beyond the walls of their chosen world. And yet, they wish deep down inside, that it were otherwise. It is with that goal in mind that they dress in wildly outlandish attire, or very little attire and band together, rushing headlong into the public and parading through the streets as if to say, “Here we are world … take us or leave us, but we will not go away.” We have as much right to love who we will, marry who we will and you MUST accept us now.  It’s the law of the land.  Our highest court says we can.
Are they right?  Must we?
Isn’t that what prejudice is all about?
They demand RESPECT and total acceptance from all others. Their union is as righteous as any other; except I and my wife do not get upset and reject an invitation to a celebration of another’s achievements because the one preparing the invitations failed to include their partner’s name on the envelop.  What kind of social slight is that?
So, we unfriend one another on Facebook.  Resentment for some major faux paux is so extreme, family gatherings are affected.  Family members will ask; “Where is so and so?”  “It’s complicated,”  they respond.  “There has been a falling out and our bond is now broken.”  Isn’t that ridiculous?   It’s a situation so uncomfortable that no two, holding opposite views, can bring themselves to simply sit down and discuss it.  It is what it is!
Our family units and our nation is coming apart at the seams.  Shootings abound throughout the land.  The whole world is in chaos.  We have more individuals confined inside correctional institutions than any other country on the planet.  Tru Dat!
SO! where are we going people?  To hell in a handbasket it doth appear.
It’s getting so bad, I can hardly sit back and relax while I watch the news on cable.  I sit on the edge of my recliners seat, eat snacks and yell obscenities at the talking heads on my flat-screen.  I can’t even qualify as a good Couch Potato any longer.  I’m overweight, have diabetes, high blood pressure and a faulty memory.  I’ll become a shut-in before you know it.  House bound and existing on Meals on Wheels, etc.
I suppose it’s a good thing I still have the option of running over to Cookies Diner; sitting around the large round table back in the corner there and helping my compadres solve the problems of the whole world each day.  Yeah! That’s right; a bunch of men, some old, some not so old, with personal opinions about anything and everything.  What else has a seventy-five year old Curmudgeon got to do, except go home and play with the dog?
Another national holiday is fast approaching.  Thanksgiving and another gathering of a dwindling sized family unit with differences so varying, there is no chance of reconciliation before Christmas. Add the growing threat of Isis and Russia bombing in Syria and the US  with a President that leads from behind and there is enough trouble in the world for any day … God help us!   

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