Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - What a year this is going to be

I've already made tremendous progress.  Guess What!  I disabled my Facebook account and am just about ready to do the same with Twitter.

I do not do this to shut myself off from others, I just want to have more control over whom I regularly communicate with.  I've grown weary of reading and watching what so many others find noteworthy and personally valuable.

When I'm through here, I will post it on my Blog, making this my first official post for this new year.  If you truly want to communicate with me for some reason, here's how best to accomplish it:
Google, because they are hosting this little blog for free, demand that I use their email system as my official Email.  It's still active and I have things set up to forward any emails that come there to get into my current INBOX.  If you want, use this address also:  cabowlessr@  That's my cable company email address.

If the Lord is willing and the creek doesn't rise, I hope to see you and other willing visitors along the way as this year progresses. I've already witnessed miracles, so that makes the future very, very positive.  Won't you join me?

(whisper) Psssst! Chuck;  was it me?  
He will know what I reference with that.

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