Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Being a man

During my lifetime, I've had plenty of training directed toward becoming a man. My Father was relentless with his instructions and examples. In my opinion of him, he WAS a man.

Then, the military added to all that with their input. "Be all that you can be" was their motto. Never had I felt so manly before. I was surrounded with men that were a man's man. I knew, should the time come, I could stand shoulder to shoulder with them and kill any who would threathen this great nation.

Then, when I was 43, I turned to God for more training and it was then that I learned what it was to be "Man." With a broken and contrite heart, I stood before Him and cried, ashamed and repentent, unworthy and convicted. Men will accept righteous judgment and punishment, afterall they ARE men. But God convicts, loves and delivers men.

Today I am an emotional man, I cry for joy and when compassion for my fellowman swells within me. I cry when I feel His agape love flow through me to another searching soul. I cry when I see the destruction of another life by our enemy. I am crying even now as I write this.

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