Wednesday, January 6, 2016


There is one act that incorporates all five of the love languages, or at least it can if done properly. I speak of foot washing. Now....don't reject it without hearing me out.

I know there is nothing that pleases my wife any more than when I "service" her feet. She has on occasion reciprocated by trimming my toenails and then massaging my feet while applying lotion.

My wife has a terrible problem with her feet because she is on them so much of the day in her job and also at home. Her heels and the balls of her feet require constant attention or the calluses become thick and develop cracks in them.

Foot washing is not only is practical and sensual, or at least it can be if done properly. I'm not saying it should involve sex, but it might under the right circumstances.

There is just something "special" about having another person kneeling, becoming "humble" in a special way before another person, touching that part of the body that might have a bad odor associated with it. It is that part of the body that is most in touch with the world around us. The part of us that is down in the dust and dirt that the world pollutes our feet with every day.

It can also be very "spiritual" under the right circumstances and with the right attitude. It is an act of service to another. It IS a gift and can be quality time depending upon the attitude of the ones involved. If it is done properly and thoroughly, it will take considerable time to accomplish. If the one performing the service thinks about the person they are doing it for, that can be the perfect time for speaking words of affirmation to them. There is a very good likelihood that you will have their undivided attention from the start. The affect of those words can be enhanced if one makes it known from the beginning that the other should only listen and not respond unless it is to moan with the pleasurable feelings that the service can surely evoke.
After the washing and drying and perhaps a pedicure, there is much pleasure and sensation in the act of "anointing" the feet with lotion and massaging the feet at length as it is applied.

I believe the one who is doing the service will be more surprised by the affect the act has on them than they are by the affect it has on the person they are servicing. It is a time for expressing the true feelings they have for that person in word and deed.

Try might like it.

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