Friday, January 8, 2016

Gun control comments

TOPIC:  Gun Control

Thoughts I had after watching the Town Meeting with the public 1/7/16

I agree that something needs to be done about the current means of conducting business at gun shows.  If one sells guns at gun shows that person should be required to have a license and to conduct background checks before turning over a purchased firearm to anyone.  If a licensed seller purchases a privately owned firearm from a citizen, all effort should be applied to collecting from that individual, where the firearm came from, by what process did said firearm come into said citizen’s possession, etc.

I was raised in a “gun culture.”  Everyone I knew hunted during designated wild game seasons.  Most people owned a 22 rifle and at least, one shotgun.  If they hunted Deer during the season, they might own a large caliber hunting rifle, e.g. a 30 caliber rifle with scope.  I knew few people that owned a handgun of some kind. My thinking was “if a person owned a handgun and carried it around concealed, without a permit, they must be doing something illegal.”  But, that was 50 or 60 years ago.  Our country was a different place back then.

In my world, a young person came into possession of a firearm when his parent either purchased one, new or used and gave it to them as a gift.  Family guns were handed down to children and other relatives most often.  There was no known records of changes of possessions.

What I know for sure is this … with the millions of guns currently kept by citizens of the United States, it would be impossible for anyone to even attempt to confiscate all of them.  So, don’t fret about our government trying to do it.  The 2nd Amendment is in no danger. 

Someone on that town meeting broadcast stated a statistic on the air.  I could be wrong about these numbers but it was something like “there are 30,000 gun deaths in our nation every year.  Also, two thirds of that number are suicides.”  Does anyone really believe that the number of suicides would be reduced if people couldn’t get hold of a firearm to kill themselves with?  An individual seriously intent on killing themselves has any number of effective means of doing so at their disposal. The only reason I can see for using a gun when available is, you can’t call a bullet back once the trigger has been pulled.

Let’s move on to trying to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill.  What source is available for searching to find out if someone has a history of mental illness?  Most doctors will cite Doctor/Patient confidentiality to keep their records private.  Unless someone has been confined in a public mental hospital, there will be few records to check.  If they have been in a private mental hospital, see the above confidentiality comment.

What ever happened to “Stop & Frisk?”  In my opinion that is the most productive means of removing illegal firearms from our streets. The Police SHOULD be able to approach a group of individuals hanging out together, with no obvious reason for being there, making them assume the position and searching them for weapons.  But no; some bleeding heart politician, looking to make a name for himself, took away that right from police, especially in large cities, in the name of, “political correctness” and “profiling.”

Tell me; how can any law enforcement agency ever hope to clean up the illegal firearms problem in a city like Chicago or as they are taking to calling it now; Chi-raq.  It is a good name for it; it certainly can be compared to a war-zone.

During that televised town meeting, a young mother stood and told her rape victim story and confessed that she now owns a firearm and it is legally owned.  She NEEDS it for the protection of her home and family.
She was asked if she wasn’t worried about having a gun in her home what with having a couple of young children in it.  They wanted to know what measures she was taking to ensure that they could not get to it and accidentally hurt themselves or another person.  She had the perfect answer.  She keeps it out of their reach and even if they should get hold of it, it has a safety on it that is always “ON” and even though it may have a clip in it, the chamber is always empty.  No child is going to know how to take the safety off and pull the slide back, chambering a round. NO! She was not worried about that.  She is right, you know.

Gun ownership should come with the requirement to learn how to use it safely before issuing a permit or license of any kind.

No Gun maker should be permitted to make and sell any firearm that doesn’t have a “Safety Device” on it; a mechanical means of limiting a firearm’s ability to discharge a cartridge or shell. That stipulation applies to revolvers too.  Don’t tell me it can’t be done.  I currently own a 22 pistol with such a safety device on it. With it engaged, the hammer cannot strike the firing pin at all, even if it is dropped on said hammer.

One of the most dangerous weapons a person can own is a single shot, shotgun with a hammer that must be cocked before shooting.  If it’s an old double barrel with hammers, the danger is doubled.  One of those shotguns in the hands of a novice hunter is likely to kill anyone within its range of harm.  I can’t count the times I’ve known of one to be accidently discharged while being cocked by someone with gloves on and very cold fingers.  That hammer does not need to be fully cocked and locked out in firing position to discharge.  They can slip out from under a cold thumb with a loose fitting glove on it and God help anyone in line with the barrel at the time.  That’s why young hunters need to be taught gun safety while using any long gun or hand gun. If they know to keep the muzzle pointed down at the ground or up at the sky, there is little chance of an accidental shooting.

Remember what happened with Dick Cheney one day, and he was an experienced hunter.  He shot a lawyer friend in the face by accident. You see … it can happen to anyone.

If you need to carry a concealed firearm for your own protection, Please take the required “Concealed Carry Classes” and get that permit before doing so.  You can’t go wrong by insuring legal permission and being properly trained.

A defensive weapon, kept in the home for protection is not worth a hoot if one keeps the gun one place and the ammunition in another. It must be readily accessible by the owner at all times, even if it must be moved from one floor to another as one goes about their daily business at home or one needs to keep more than one in the home to insure that ample protection is within reach at all times.  Carry it with you if you must, but always be prepared for anything, at anytime.  That’s the only way to be completely safe.  Also keep a clip in it with the safety on or  have a clip right with the weapon where it can be quickly inserted and armed rapidly. 

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