Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Melting Pot - NOT!

Melting pot – My great buttocks!

Are you tired of constantly hearing about our United States of America being one, giant, melting pot?  If we pause in our pursuit of The American Dream and pure happiness just long enough to focus on what is really going on around us, we might see the reality of our circumstance.

What we actually have is a nation of “enclaves.”  If you don’t understand what that is, here’s what I found in my dictionary about it: a distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit, enclosed within, or as if within, a foreign territory; see also.

Immigrants often sacrifice all they have to reach our shores, in search of constitutional promises.  What is it they believe we have to offer them that they cannot get where they are living? Freedom, Liberty, Happiness, etc. They just want to be successful for themselves and their families; to have food, clothing, a roof over their heads, medical care, safety and the rest of the basics of life.  It can be had if one is willing to work hard to get it.

Our government hopes that they have all that while they are trying to assimilate into our culture and obey our laws.  There is the rub my fellow Americans.  They don't really want to assimilate.  They would rather keep speaking their native tongue and not learn English if possible.  They desire to be around others like themselves; others that speak their language, eat the kind of foods they are accustomed to, worship the same god or gods and live by their old laws, not ours.

If our government is willing to GIVE them stuff, they want it and more if possible.  They don't even want to be called "Americans" unless there is a prefix before that word; something that better identifies them. Mexican immigrants want to drop the American part and just be known as Latinos.  They all want to live apart from others in their own space and not permit outsiders in.  They are turning our nation into a lot of little countries inside of one larger nation. 

I am an American and proud to tell the world about it.  Should I travel abroad, the people whose country I might visit will call me an American.  They don't care about my ethnic background.  I'm not a Caucasian American.  I'm just an American to them. Why are so many not satisfied with that fact.  "I may live in the USA but I'm an Asian-American or an African-American or an Irish-American, etc." they will claim.

It's a complicated topic and I am sure there is so much more I need to learn.  I proudly served in the US Army for three years.  Yes! I volunteered and was glad that option was available to me.  I was nineteen when I joined and hoped that what I've always heard about the experience, e.g. It will make a man out of you, was true. That was one of the better decisions I've made in life. It was there that I got the best advice I've gotten so far, and that advice influenced and changed my destiny, I believe.

Who would have thought that such a pearl of wisdom resided in the heart and mind of a Guesthouse Manager at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He saw how upset I was about my young wife paying me an unexpected visit bringing with her, our six month old daughter.  I HAD to find them a place to shelter until I could put them on a transport to return them home.  This may smack somewhat Biblical, but there was no room at this inn and I had run out of options and my anger was raging about it, loudly. This kind and experienced man pulled me aside and explained to me that the world DID NOT owe me anything.  He went on to inform me that I would get out of life something equal to the effort I was willing to put into living this life.  The solution to my immediate problem was out there, waiting for me to discover it but it would not search me out and offer it up

He was and continues to be exactly correct.  I found another soldier in a similar situation and we pooled our resources and obtained a single room in a local motel where we could all spend the night.  The next day I put her and our baby on a greyhound bus back home
Sorry to say, our young marriage did not survive the coming tests life presented us while I served out the next two plus years in the military.

Today, I watch and listen to as much of the information I can concerning our nation and its immigrant problems. I believe most of the people coming to our shores looking for relief from their constant struggles in life are much as I was back when I got such sage advice and utilized it to get to where I am now.  However, a great many of them both today and in the past have made some wrong decisions.  They were not fortunate enough to have access to the help I received.  It was not anything as tangible as food and shelter, but more like a philosophy to live life by.  How can I get the advice to them and hope it helps them as much as it did myself.

I'm doing it right now.  I do however, realize that I may need a much taller soapbox to reach the vast multitudes of lost souls roaming through our great nation in need of assistance.  Do you want to help me? Then spread the word I have revealed.  It couldn't hurt!

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