Wednesday, January 6, 2016



I have a paper time machine, its hull is leather bound.
It takes me to the distant past, what treasures I have found.
The people all around me, never seem to mind,
The way I watch or listen in at each new place I find.
I've sat and watched a life time pass, complete from birth till death.
And marveled at the depth of truth men spoke in a single breath.
I've witness armies as they fell...I saw the world begin.
Then sped away to a future day and saw the coming end.
Nations rose and nations fell, Kingdoms flowered, grew, and died.
Then, plain as day, I found a way, to see the me inside.
The truth is, I'm like all the rest...time has changed men none.
Inside, I'm evil, cruel, corrupt...still do the things they've done.
I panicked, took my ship and fled, just left my life behind.
I flew toward some unknown world...not knowing what I'd find.
I wandered through some vast, dark void...toward a distant light.
I had to change..I knew I must, find the way that's right.
I ran into a wall of words around John 3:16.
There was no way to get around or squeeze through in between.
So over the top to Jerusalem, the Romans had all the power.
And in the midst of all that hate, I saw some true love flower.
The sacrifice...all that made me wretch inside.
I stood upon a rock strewn hill and watched an innocent die.
The truth was all He ever spread, along with love and caring.
The authorities were full of fear and thought this man too daring.
Am I a Ghoul? seems that way...I go there much too often.
Some of the time I go to a garden and stare at an empty coffin.
The power which gave Him back His life, now fuels my time machine.
And charges the pages of God's word, giving life to every scene.
Someday, time won't will cease to be.
And I won't need this time machine to set my spirit free.

Clarence Bowles

Copyright 1999, Clarence Bowles
All rights reserved. Reproductions without the author's express permission are prohibited.

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