Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shake up your morning

I’m the kind of person, when I find something that I enjoy I like to share it with everyone who will listen.  Since this is my journal/diary I have decided to do some word of mouth advertising for one of our local establishments.  It’s not the first time I’ve done this.  I did it for Mary’s Place some time ago but Mary’s Place has changed, and not for the better so I suppose I need to go back and delete that entry. LOL  Nawh! That wouldn’t be kosher. What I said then was true and I meant what I said.  Life goes on and things relative to businesses do change.

I don’t know how widely known Steak and Shakes are around the nation. I also don’t know how many there are and where they are located. I guess I go to their web site and check it out.  I just may do that later for my own information.

Anyway, I’ve seen lots of ads on TV for Steak and Shake and we have eaten there many times. The wife loves their Frisco Melt Sandwiches. Me, I just love a good burgers, call it a steakburger if you want but it’s still a burger to me. A slab of ground up beef with the works on it, prime cut or not, it’s still beef. At this time and I had no idea that they served breakfast too.

About two weeks ago, Maureen told me that someone told her that Steak and Shake has a great breakfast menu.  WHAT?  A great breakfast menu! I was intrigued by the news.  All those ads I’ve seen and not once did they ever mention serving breakfast.  I supposed that they served steakburgers around the clock and that was it.

Maureen took off one Friday as a vacation day.  When we got up that morning she suggested that we go over to Steak and Shake and check out this breakfast menu. We did; and were we ever pleasantly surprised.  Okay! So their coffee sucks. Nobody is perfect!  The three people in this household, now that they have tasted Steak and Shakes’ breakfast, have unanimously agreed. There will be no more Mary’s Place (though they have great coffee) and there will be no more Stringtown Restaurant. It’s Steak and Shake for us from here on in or until they change something to ruin a good thing. That could happen!

If I have anything negative to say about it, it would be this. They give you way too much food. That’s just my opinion.  Can you imagine; someone complaining about getting too much food and very good food at that. I hate to waste good food, so I don’t. I always ask for a “To-Go Box” and what we don’t eat goes into that and I take it home and have it at some other time, like two o’clock in the morning when this insomniac is roaming around the house looking for a snack.

The other morning, I ordered Cakes and Eggs and bacon and sausage. That’s one of the menu choices.  It’s not something that I made up just because I was extra hungry. Then I ordered a side dish of their delicious sausage gravy. It is to die for. They brought me this plate with over-easy eggs, two strips of the smokiest bacon I’ve ever set lips to and one large patty of spicy sausage. Then they set down this plate that had two pancakes on it the same size as the plate that were about ¾’s of an inch thick. They smelled great. I tried a small taste. It tasted like cake. One could have eaten them without any butter or syrup. I knew I couldn’t eat all that food when they set it down in front of me and what’s really bad is that it’s not the kind of food that takes to being warmed up later either.  EGAD! I hate that.

You see, I’ve adopted this new thinking about food.  I’m overweight a bit. NO! I’m overweight a lot, let’s be honest.  I could stand to lose about sixty pounds. So I decided; from now on, when I sit down to a meal, no matter how good the food is, I will only eat until I am JUST full and then I WILL STOP EATING.  That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s working. I’ve lost five pounds in just a few weeks. That’s what I had hoped to do; take it off slowly. That’s how I put it on, so that’s how it should come off….slowly.

I don’t do well with diets.  I just can’t stick to them at all.  BUT, I CAN stop eating when I am full. I do have that much will power. So what if we have to throw a little bit out?  I’d give it to any of you if you stop by the house each day. I’d rather do that than waste it but no longer will I try to eat it all just to keep it from going to waste.

I’ve been working my butt off trying to stay active and burn up a few calories. It does seem to be having an affect. I just hope it continues. Right now I am confident it will.  Yet! I must learn to control how many times a week I go to Steak and Shake for breakfast. Those two elements will not get along together.

Those seasoned hashbrown medallions call to me early in the morning, not to mention that savory sausage gravy and everyone knows how weak I am when it comes to gravy of any kind.

Here’s what it boils down to.  Steak and Shake breakfast has my personal seal of approval and I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates good food, BUT, if you are weak in that department, don’t go there.

I also don’t understand why Steak and Shake does not actively advertise their breakfast menu.  It’s as good, if not better than their steakburger offerings with the great sides they have.  The service is very good and the price is right. I wonder what they have against making more money?  There’s something amiss there and I can’t figure it out. I simply must have a talk with their CEO via email. I would buy some of their stock if it was available but now, knowing this, I’m not too sure.  It may be a risk. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a Steak and Shake near you or even if it’s a few miles away; might I suggest that you check it out?  If you agree with me just whisper into the ethereal realm that is all around you and say, “Thanks Clarence!” I will receive it and say, “You are certainly welcome.”


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