Tuesday, January 5, 2016

To: Chuck Sigars - Comments about FaceBook

Well Chuck,  I guess I did you one better.  I deactivated my Facebook account and will, very soon, do the same to my Twitter account.  I wish I could say "It was fun, while I was doing it," but it certainly wasn't for so much of the time.

I'm preparing myself to be confined to only one means of communication with the world around me, namely, my little ole blog on Google Blogspot, the one I used to fill in the website block on your comment form.

I've subscribed to the RSS feed for comments on this post but I need to look around and discover how to subscribe to your Blog in general, so I don't miss anything you write in the future.

I do hope that I'm not the assholely one you unfriended recently and mentioned in this post.  I'll not be poking around on Facebook any longer.  So, I can't be rude to anyone and no one can be rude to me.  I doubt that you will find this hard to believe but, I do not have any REAL close friends to speak of.  I find it difficult to make friends and harder than that to maintain the few I have tried to make over the years.

Please feel free to email me should you ever have the desire (Gulp!) Just swallowed my pride there.  I doubt there will be a large crowd at my funeral, especially since I'm going to be cremated and that's a very large wedge between myself and my siblings and family members.  My wife is the only other human being who understands that fact. She's being cremated also. 

Hope to keep in touch, even if it is one-sided reaching out.

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