Sunday, January 10, 2016


That is why I don't get my hopes up early in the year, when they win their first six games or so.

When it comes to disappointing, local sports teams, the Bengals rank right up there with the Reds.

What is it with professional athletes?  How long does it take them to mature?  They act more like children, misbehaving ones, than professional athletes.

To me, the worse part of them losing like that is that they did it when they are playing the Steelers.

The Bengals have a great team now.  They are described by sports commentators  as "STRONG" and a complete team.  Someone spent a lot of money and worked hard at research to acquire the players they have today. 

Personally, I never cared for Dalton or Head-coach Lewis.  (Sour grapes I guess.)

Call me terribly disappointed.

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