Thursday, December 22, 2016

Doing Denny's

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December 22, 2016

Drove down to Denny's located in the I-75 Plaza Mall Center at Walton, Kentucky.  It's something we do a couple times each month.

I only write about this now because it was an unusual event, in that it was Christmas time, traffic was light and I was in an especially good mood and hungry to boot.  

I really don't care much what some others think about Denny's as an eating establishment.  In my opinion, it is better than Big Boys or Bob Evans or for that matter, a lot of more local places we frequently visit. We wouldn't go anywhere else if it were only a little closer to home base.

It not normally very crowded and the service is very good.  You know what they say about finding good food; Follow the trucks to where the truck drivers eat.  A lot of them eat at Denny's and I do mean EAT!  

Everybody loved their meal and the dessert was OMG good.  It was a bowl of apple-crisp Ala-mode.  Three of us shared it and there was still a bite or two left in the dish.  No one wanted to risk having a belly blow-out that far from home.  

It was dark outside when we left and the journey back home was quite pleasant.  The traffic flowed smoothly and we made most of the lights at major intersections.  I was calm and cool all the way there and back again.  I know the women folk were proud of my behavior. I do have road-rage you know.

If this keeps up, I may see a return of the Christmas Spirit and wouldn't that be just wonderful?  It has been a long time gone.

Have a wonderful Christmas all you'all.


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