Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An unusual kind of day, 6/11/18 it was

Approximately nine AM; I hear a strange "BOOM!" from somewhere nearby.

It was strange and yet, I've heard it several times before during the time I've lived here.

Then, all the power in the house went off and it was much too quiet.

Realizing what had been the source of the noise, I hurried, as well as I am able to hurry, out the front door, across our yard and far enough out from under our large, shade tree to be able to see the top of the telephone pole directly across the street. YEP! I was correct in my assumption; the fuse holder for the transformer attached to that pole was hanging down, indicating to myself that it had blown and that was what had made that "BOOM!"

Back inside and closing the door, I realized that I could not contact the power company using our home phone because of the power loss.  I went out into the garage to get my cellphone from the car. That's where it has stayed for the majority of time I've had it.

I turned it on, waiting for the "DROID"  announcement from the AI voice to let me know it was ready for action. That's when I knew I had another problem; I didn't know the number and it wasn't included in my list of numbers on my phone's dialer application.  Next thing I knew, my Android was speaking to me, asking me how it could help me.  I must have touched something on the screen while holding it.  Not one to refuse help in time of critical need, I explained that I needed the number of Owen County Electric Co-op.  It came back with "here is a list of the local offices of Owen County Electric."  I scrolled down the provided list to the Florence Office and touched the little phone Icon provided.  Next thing I knew, I was connected with the automated, power outage reporting system.

I paused, to consider the wonder of the technological world I was only, barely aware, of living in.
I provided any and all information being asked for, pressing 1, 2, 3,or 4 as they applied to this situation.  Before the called was ended, I was afforded opportunity to leave a recording of myself explaining everything I knew concerning the situation.  The automated voice assured me that everything that could be done toward fixing the problem, would be done as soon as possible. I knew it was being honest with me because Owen County Electric had always been so.  I was full of acquired confidence and very relieved by the events that had taken place up to that point.

I would go outside, get my little office chair and wait for the action to begin. It was then that I understood that the garage door opener would not work without power.  That's OK!, I know how to open the door manually.  I had never done it since I had our new A&E door installed.  I remembered how difficult a task it was opening the old one manually and feared that I may not be able to do it now that I am so old and feeble in body.  I worried needlessly, for when I pulled on the little, RED emergency handle with one hand and lifted on a section of hinge on the door, it rose so easily, a child could have done it; but WAIT!, they could never have reached the RED handle.  I was WRONG again in my thinking. It's something I'm getting used to at my age.  77 years will take a toll on one's mental agility.

I deployed my little office chair on the driveway, sit myself down and looked at some movement that was taking place up our street. It was BOB, my best neighborhood friend, putting his trashcans out for collection.  I yelled at him and he looked my way.  He said something to Sharon, his wife and headed toward me.  He isn't on the same power supplier system that we are, so he wouldn't know that our power was out.  His power is supplied by DUKE Energy and runs underground, not on one of those old fashioned power poles. It was just then that I realized, I do not know how the current power supplier situation that exists on our street came about.  NOTE TO SELF: acquire more information concerning this matter at a later time; right now, it's chit-chat with BOB time.

I filled him in and he says he had heard the BOOM but didn't know the source at the time.
So help me; we hadn't been talking very long when this white, pick-up truck with a Owen County Logo on the door pulled into the open space of my next-door neighbor's driveway.  The driver got out, cellphone to ear, and commenced walking around, checking first one thing, then another, none of it making good sense to BOB and I.  I could only suppose, the someone on his phone was directing his movements.  He must be new at this stuff, or he would have known that I was whom he should have started out talking to if he really wanted the low-down. The man continued to ignore BOB and I and I grew more and more irritated as he did so.  Then, he put his phone away, climbed into his truck and drove down our street only to return in a few minutes, pulling back into the same parking spot, only facing the opposite direction. Hew then proceeded to open one of the large, plastic pipes that hung on the side of the inside of his truck bed, pulled out this large diameter, bright yellow, fiberglass pole, which I recognized right away as the device his kind use to safely remove and replace blown fuses from the ground, not from a cherry-picker.

BOB and I walked over to the back of his truck and watched.  He asked if any of use liked Squirrel. I know I do but neither BOB nor our neighbor CARROL had eaten Squirrel before and did not desire to enjoy the dead Squirrel that lay at the bottom of the pole the man was currently working with. I went over to observe the dead body.  At first sight, I wondered if it was the exploding Squirrel that made that loud BOOM! or the fuse exploding, as I had first suspected. I will only say that it was a terrible sight to see.  High voltage, surging through a shorted out Squirrel, tends to instantly vaporize all liquid content of said animal, transforming it into a small steam bomb. There it lay, locked in the short-circuiting position it must have been in as it's insides forced their way out.  I recognized a small kidney among the strewn intestines.

With the power restored, I bid BOB "see you later" and went back inside to set the time on all the electrical appliances in the house.  I sat down at my computer and looked over at where the Squirrel lay and you probably won't believe what I saw.  There was a large, Turkey Vulture there having some freshly cooked, Squirrel.  I know I had never seen such a sight before but I was instantly filled with the desire to witness that Vulture as it took off after that heavy meal.  I wondered how much runway a meal-ladened bird of that size would require to get airborne.  Sad to say, it stayed longer than I was willing to just for that chance and I missed the departure.

That ends my unusual kind of day and my infrequent sharing for now.  Hope I didn't bore you.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Who is Juan Antonio Williams; Really?

Here's a link to his information as provided by Wikipedia

In the name of transparency, I must include the fact that he and my own Mother share the same Family name.  That's it as far as I know.  I will deny that he might or could be a relative of hers. He was born in Panama, perhaps his father or grandfather worked on the canal and his Mother met and married his father as a result via that route.

Juan's history is kind of impressive; I read through it quickly on
Wikipedia before I began this composition.  I suppose there is a chance that he might be a covert racist in much the same way as I will admit to being.  I don't like being that way but alas, it is so.

I find the information relating to his "dismissal" from NPR to be interesting.  It seems to say he is easily stressed out by another's style of dress when flying with them on an airline.  I don't hold that against him.  I'm that way myself.  There's just so much terrorism going on in the world today, one just never knows when they might become a victim themselves.

He appears to be a very good family man.  I might accept an invitation to dinner with him and his family some time, should he ever ask me.

I have been a fan of Fox Channel's "The Five" for a number of years now.  I set it up to record on my DVR each weekday at five o'clock so I don't miss a show and can watch it whenever.  That program almost always has me shouting at my TV at some point. Guess who usually steps on my last nerve.  That's right!  Juan Williams. He's so full of himself and certain that his facts are more accurate than my own or any other member of the cast.  He HATES our President for daring to breathe the same air he does.  It does no good for him to try and deny it.  The venom can be seen dripping from his lips as he speaks about President Trump.

I doubt that he will ever get to read this, but if he should read it one day, I would ask him to look deep within himself and really SEE exactly how much he hates him and attempt to understand how the President would suffer should he know the depth of his hatred for him.  Then, I would ask him to double that feeling and sense it for himself because I hate him that much in return. 

Juan Williams adds very little to the show's content, that is, in the way of positive energy.  I think that Bob Beckel was much better on the panel.  I know this is a terrible thing to say about another human being BUT,  I wouldn't urinate on him if he was on fire.

I'm sorry that I allow him to take me to that dark place and bring all that out in me.  I'm so ashamed but will own all of it.

Thinking out loud.

Do you watch "The walking dead"  or "Fear the walking dead?"

There is a discussion program about the series, usually right after an episode is revealed, called The talking dead.  I don't watch that. Perhaps I should be.  They may have covered the matter I'm touching on below. 

I know! It's Science Fiction and fantasy all thrown together, but couldn't they come up with something logical and believable concerning how one becomes The walking dead? I believe they reveal that there is something in the surroundings on this planet that everyone is affected by shortly after they die.  It doesn't matter how one becomes DEAD, they simply need to DIE. After that, they change big time into one of those creatures whose only desire is to eat the living creatures around them. OR; and that's a BIG OR, one must be bitten by one of the walking dead somewhere on their body and in a little while, they will die and be converted.

If I'm remembering correctly, there must be something very special about having your flesh penetrated by those stinking, rotten gums and teeth.  Killing one of those creatures by bashing them so hard and repeatedly that their bodily fluids are splattered all over you, perhaps getting into a scratch or injury from an earlier event is not a problem.  I've even seen them rub walking dead blood and guts all over themselves for the purpose of rendering themselves undetectable by hordes of the walking dead out searching for flesh to eat.

Is it OK if  I question the rationale of having something dead eat living flesh at first and dead flesh later on?  Do they digest what they eat and turn it into Zombie stool?  If so, is that the reason they smell so terribly?  They still have clothes on and don't seem to care about soiling them.  I wonder; do they pass gas? OMG!  It hurts to think about that.  So, why am I laughing along with the pain?

Please think about all this and get back with me, Please!

A documentary for the whole world to see


Today, I watched a documentary titled “The Magic Pill.”
I came away from the experience excited within, more so than I can recall being excited in a while.

In my humble opinion, everyone on our planet needs to watch and consider the information it is sharing.  If you have access to Netflix, you are all set. Please find the time to watch it ASAP. This is a message for young people, not us 77-year-old people.  It is a little late to do us old farts any good.

I was a meat and potatoes kind of guy when it came to diet.  That mindset kept me going for long enough to be exposed to some terrible information coming from less than credible sources.

Who is a person to believe?  We all have been taken in by the people that are really running this world.  They have had an agenda all along. We swallowed what they offered us, hook line and sinker.  We got hooked. For sure.

If you are anything like this guy, you will most likely start talking to yourself, if you aren’t doing it already.  I’ve been beating myself up mentally. “How could you allow yourself to be so easily lead over a cliff like that?” “You knew that what you had been doing when it came to your diet had served you very well.”  I was a pretty healthy specimen for half my lifetime. So, why did I listen to THEM?

NO! I am not stupid.  Gullible perhaps. Too busy living life to take the time to think things through when the time came. Now, look at me and many of you too.  We are just meat sacks full of misery and diseases. Big Pharm has got us right where they want us. Dependent on them for our continued survival. Survival!, that’s what it amounts to, and little else. 

How’s your quality of life? Are you just hanging on, waiting for the grim reaper to show up and cut you down with that great scythe of his?

Please watch the documentary and perhaps we can get together out here in cyberspace and talk about how to fix this mess. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The human lack of understanding


Dear Lord

Please forgive me for my lack of understanding.

Help me and all others who are bearing up as best we can with this burden of grief.

Your word says you will not lay upon us, a burden that is so heavy we cannot bear it.

I don't know what to do with my own.  I can't imagine what Hope's husband and three daughters will do with theirs.

This woman you gave me to love and care for, is heart-broken.  She desires to know you as her savior, to trust you as I and her daughter say we do before the whole world. 

We praise your name and give thanks for all the times we have witnessed miracles in your name. 

Lord, we WANT to understand.  Yes, we know that your thoughts are not our thoughts.  We wish it were otherwise.  I wish I could tell everyone that this death is for the better,  but these eyes are not capable of seeing the future and so, we panic, shake our heads negatively and weep for this great loss.

I know you have seen the deaths of so many of your Saints and understood that it had to be.  You have tried to show us your strength and remained faithful to us when life threw up obstacles in our journey, pleading with us to just Walk on in faith.  We do not enjoy disappointing you as much and as often as we do. 

You provide us with your armor, but we do not use it appropriately.  We need training.  Is that what this is?  If so, I fear that we are destined to disappoint you once again. 

"Onward Christian Soldiers" we shout to our brothers and sisters, then we stumble and fall away as a poor example. We are ashamed and know that we are weak in ourselves when death challenges us.  You are strong when we are weak.
Fill us with the power we will need to overcome all our enemies and testing for your sake. 

Be with Hope's family.  Help them to understand that she was constantly serving others in every way and means possible.  Allow her example to inspire them to be like her and you, whom she served for most of her adult life.  We will miss her greatly and seek to understand your will as we journey on toward her destination.